Left 4 Dead

04 January 2009

What kept this mom busy this holiday season?Left 4 Dead did. This Mom Is A Gamer! Our friend introduced it to us. It's a 4- player co-op game. Zombies? , Apocalypse? you got it! Not only that... it's zombies and apocalypse combined. Worse situation you don't want yourself to get into.
From the makers of Counter Strike and in celebration of HalfLife's tenth anniversary. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios. The game pits four survivors of an apocalyptic event against hordes of zombies inspired by some modern flicks like 28DaysLater. A five-minute trailer was released on Halloween. A playable demo was made available on November 6 for pre-purchasers and on November 11 for the general public, and was closed on November 18, 2008. The demo contained the majority of the first two chapters in the "No Mercy" campaign, and was playable in both single and multi-player co-op. December 2008 it was released here in the Philippines. Data Blitz sells the game for P2000.

The game is composed of 4 playable human characters:

Zoey- College Student/ horror movie enthusiast
Francis- Biker
Louis- Junior System Analyst/ IT
Bill- Vietnam Veteran

A time is alotted to the team players to load guns, grab first aid kits and ammunition. Killing the zombies is easy, no need to blow their heads out. But the rage and aggressiveness may beat you. A list of villains were made to make it more exciting.

Here are my favorites
The Horde of Zombies. Meet the zombie horde: eerily fast, sensitive to loud noises and movement, and able to attack in ravenous waves.
Witches only want to be left alone so they can enjoy a good cry. They hate flashlights and loud noises, but what they hate more than anything is being shot at. If you hear the Witch's tell tale sobs, turn off your flashlights and try to sneak around her. If she starts to get angry, her growl will let you know she's close to attacking.
The Hunters are a mutated breed of zombie—faster, fiercer and far more dangerous than common Infected. Keep your ears perked—a shriek from the darkness means a Hunter is near, and ready to pounce in for the kill.
Mutated through infection, the Tank's only strategy is brute force. Find the Survivors. Pummel them to death. Repeat. Healthy Survivors can run slightly faster than you. Try to trap them in tight areas, or use a thrown chunk of concrete to stun them.
The Hunter's Way

Available on PC and Xbox 360
The Zombie game is back!Even better.

visit: http://www.l4d.com/ for more info

some notes from wikipedia


Michelle said...

Sounds like an awesome game. I'll have to make sure and tell the hubby about this one. We love to play video games too at our house.

liza said...

congrats on your pr! :D

stan said...

Hm I'll keep a look out for this game!

Enchie said...

You'll enjoy this game guys!The rush is differemt :)
Thanks Liza!