Sample Shots 2---Whatever Catches My Eye

22 January 2009

I am proud to share another batch of images I took, for this month...I honestly don't know how to rate them. The whole month I took shots of whatever that called my attention.
There you go, another reason why I can't go practice photography 100%.
These random photos are taken from different ocassions and time.
Wildflower. It covered our parking space when we were in Laguna. Pretty nice for a parking space. I was thinking, why place this pretty one, where it could only be stepped on or trampled.
Fern plant from my Auntie's Garden. This is literally a lucky shot. I held the camera and faced it down. There were stuff between me and the plant so I had to hold a certain position while taking it.
The wooden bird cage is actually hanging on top of the fern plant. I was after the sun light towards the thing. As mentioned, there were stuff (gardening materials) between me and the plant. (tabingi) (excuses!excuses! he!he!he!)
The wooden bridge was taken from a farm. My son and his grandfather went boating, while I took advantage of the bridge (lol). This is one subject I wanted to shoot. The texture of the wood and how the bridge was made--- very dramatic.
And this drop of water...from my placemat. :)
I might concentrate on these kind of photos, also portraits. It doesn't require so much time and money to enjoy a fun- filled photo session. Still learning!


dio t'ama said...

Mommy Enchie, I really like the picture of the wooden bridge. Love it's rustic look and the mysterious destination up ahead the bridge.

keep on posting your lovely photos.

Enchie said...

Thank you good sir!!! I'll try to post as much as posible :)

modern mom said...

You're really getting good at this. Great shots!

fedhz said...

yeah, you took them pretty good! But then I can't see the other pics. maybe there's a problem with photobucket.

Why don't you try share a pic? It would be much appreciated if you sign up under me.

You can get $22 cents for 1000 image views. I got 2 cents now, just joined yesterday. lol

I bet you will receive lots of image views because of your lovely pictures. ^^

abe mulong caracas said...

galing naman...

nice subject!

Marie said...

Hi Enchie,

At akoy nagseselos na tlga sa u.... galing mo na ah! Ako ewan ko lang di pa tlga akong magaling sa photography nasty pa kasi ang weather namin d2 so hopefully sa Spring season masubukan ko na yong new toy.

Salamat sa pagbisita sa blogs ko po. Busy ako lately...naghahanda sa pag uwi sa Pinas.

Ingatz...Keep up the good work!

Umma said...

Wow!! you're getting better everyday Mommy Enchie I love the wooden bridge..

How I wish I can use our camera for outdoor photography too but no time pa si Mommmy. We have a Samsung D500 with long lens too but I seldom use it bec its heavy.

sasha said...

You have a great eye for things! I love your photos :)

kikamz said...

HI Enchie! Very fabulous shots you got here! Ang galing mo Mommy! You are a natural! Naku, nangangati na mga kamay ko to get my own camera too! Pero kelan pa kaya ano? Siguro, in a million years pa. Lol!

By the way, do check out Lena's Blogger Templates dear. She's got lots of cool and nice designs. All of her templates are for free! Try mo... you just might find something that you like. :-*

Enchie said...

thanks guys!!! you're all wonderful. and fedhz,i'll visit soon.thanks!!!