What's Cookin'--- Pinakebbet

05 January 2009

Pinakbet is a famous Philippine veggie dish. The name originated from the word Pinakebbet. Which is an Ilocano word meaning, to dry up. One main ingredient that makes Pinakbet different is the use of shrimp paste.
The vegetables commonly used are:
Ampalaya (Bitter Melon)
Kalabasa (Squash)
We add meat (especially the fatty ones) to add more flavor.

With my version of Pinakbet, I don't use meat (to be on the healthy side). I let the Shrimp Paste and other vegetable ingredients (such as some red tomatoes) play with the flavoring.

For dinner, once again, I gathered the available veggies from my crisper and made Pinakbet our grub for the night.
What you will be needing:

5 cloves garlic minced
1 medium onion chopped
3 red tomatoes cut into quarters
2 eggplants sliced into desired shape
10 pcs. okra chopped
1/4 part squash sliced/chopped
2 tbsp. shrimp paste
2 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper to taste
1 Cup water
a bunch of Kangkong (Water Cabbage)

How To:

In a pan heat up olive oil
Sautee garlic until medium brown
Add onions and tomatoes (simmer for 30 seconds)
Add Shrimp Paste
Mix for a few seconds
Add chopped squash
Add water, simmer until squash is half cooked
Add the Okra, add water if necessary, simmer until okra and squash are cooked
Add eggplant, simmer again until all veggies are cooked
*Ampalaya would be a nice vegetable to add*
Salt & pepper to taste

I like my Pinakbet with Kangkong tops. Makes it look more healthy.

Happy Eating!


abe mulong caracas said...

y u m m y!

Andrew Culture said...

I don't think I've seen many recipes that could possibly look healthier! Aubergine/ eggplant can be really tricky to present, so thanks for the inspiration!

Andrew Culture

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Dora said...

Does it taste sweet and savoury? An interesting combination of veges. :)

Marites said...

i love pinakbet! one of my all-time faves! yours look yummy! sample?

SASSY MOM said...

Oh, that's looks really yummy.

Have a nice day, enchie!

Enchie said...

Hi Abe! Thanks for the visit!

Enchie said...

Hi Andrew! Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you, the eggplant is a tricky vegetable. It's either we over-cokk it or sometimes still too raw.

Enchie said...

Hi Dora! it is a savoury dish. You can spice it up by using a spicy shrimp paste.

Enchie said...

Hi Marites, If I can only give samples...it is a very healthy dish too.

Enchie said...

Thanks so much sassy mom!!!

sweetytots said...

yummy! i love pinakbet its one of my favorites.. but we dont put ampalaya, nobody in the family eats it.. i like mine with a lot of kalabasa

Marie said...

Hello Enchie,

Sarap naman ng pinakbet na niluto mo po..at akoy naglalaway dito.

Musta ka na?

kikamz said...

Hi ench! This is one of my fave veggie dishes! ayan, naglalaway na ako dito. hehe!

Umma said...

Im drooling looking at the picture Mommy Enchie, waaah. I missed pinakbet too..

Thanks for sharing the recipe.. If I have time, will grab ur recipe and try to cook it if I hv time :)

Enchie said...

Hi Ladies! it sure is a yummy dish, minsan kinakain ko na walang rice.

stan said...

i'm picking up cooking again with simple ingredients. the list of yours is intimidating to a newbie like me. Haha. Strangely, I do love cooking.

Elizabeth said...

now I know that you can innovate pinakbet!!! will try topping it with kangkong tops, too!!! yummy! thanks for sharing this!!!