What's Cookin'---Lechon Paksiw

07 January 2009

Christmas 2008 my family celebrated with this Lechon(roasted pig) from Lydia'sLechon. To be honest, this was never included in my list of favorites. It's a pretty big Lechon for families and people looking after their blood presure on Christmas Day LOL.
What happened? left-over galore!
This is somewhat a late food entry. I was fixing my picture folders when I came across this Lechon image. Now, it reminded me to make a post about it.

Lechon Paksiw is a famous Filipino Dish. It is often served during town fiestas and celebrations such as Baptism, Birthdays and it is also best for the Holidays. It is served with thick liver sauce cooked with vinegar, sugar and herbs, popularly called the sarsa (sauce).
We had our fair share of this juicy meat with crispy skin. To preserve the meat, I turned it to Lechon Paksiw. The process was very easy. By the way, you can buy Lechon from any of our local sellers per kilo. Anytime, we can now prepare this meal without buying one whole lechon :)
What you will be needing: Good for 1 Kilo of Pork
1 Cup vinegar (add more if desired)
1 1/2 Cup water(add more if desired)
1/2 tbsp granulated pepper
tsp tip of salt
330g regular Mang Tomas Sauce
1 Cup Lechon Sauce

How to:

Boil pork with vinegar, water and pepper (Paksiw process)
When water is reduced, add the Mang Tomas sauce and lechon sarsa
Simmer on low fire
When sauce is thick add salt to taste
*you can add more water and vinegar to satisfy your taste

It is going to be Sweet, soury and savoury combined...

Happy eating!


Evan's Mom said...

Oh that looks delicious Enchie, it's also a favorite food in Manado, my mom's hometown. We don't have it here in Jakarta though. They usually put some veggies inside the pig's belly. I like roasted pig :) and yes the skin is everybody's favorite here too.

bert loi said...

ang charap naman niyan! penge! hehehe!