Filipino Ingenuity-edited

05 January 2009

How will you define Ingenuity? It is a skill or cleverness in devising. Early today, I accompanied my husband in the heart of Metro Manila--- Morayta! We took the train (lrt2) going to Legarda and from there, rode this sidecar. (see pic from google images) But ours was orange. I noticed that it has a small, fisherman's boat- like motor attached to it, and off we went. Not as fast as the typical tricycle. But it's better than the "padyak" (ordinary tri-bike). It's obvious that our Filipino brothers improvised from old bicycles and left-over motor scraps.
Now, they have this thing called "job". It is still better, than doing nothing at all.

To be honest, I got excited. It was our first time to ride and see this kind of pedicab. It made it easier for us to get to our destination. Minus the traffic. Plus the fact that we (my family) enjoyed feeling like we're touring the busy streets of Manila. Another reason why my love for this country keeps on getting stronger.

If you're visiting Manila, try riding one of these bikes.

note: Stay Safe

Big Warm Hugs!


GregChai said...


do hope you'll post more photos of the tricycle. thanks :)

cookie said...

well, the filipino ingenuity is born out of necessity. leave it to the pinoy to come up with unusual but useful things :)

my post is up..Weekend Snapshot : Teddy's First Plane Ride

Umma said...

Oh I wish I can try that one someday when I visit Manila.. it would be fun riding on those, isnt it?

Filipinos are popular of being unique in every aspect especially Of being able to adopt in everything.

Jes said...

thanks enchie =) i really appreciate your support hehehe =) thanks again!!!! =)

FickleMinded said...

OMG!! favorite ride din yan ng anak ko nung umuwi kami,kaya lagi sya excited sumama sa palengke,kasi sasakay ng pedicab. :)