When I Became A Mom

13 January 2009

I was breezing through some old folders when saw an album full of my pictures, with a big tummy, baby Franky still inside momma. I reminisced and found those days super memorable, especially because I was pregnant with my first child. It was quite a journey for us starting a family here in the Philippines. We thought we'll never make it. With, prayers, hard work, trust, patience and clean living, it has been a pretty good 4 1/2 years for us.
I can say, I was well-taken cared of when I was carrying our first child. The first grandchild on my husband's side. The support from both our families was overwhelming.
I miss shopping for baby clothes and baby must-haves. I miss those healthy diets, frequent visit to my doctor, whom I considered to be like a mother to me. I miss the big bulk in front, though its quite heavy, but it's nothing when you know its your little one that's inside. I miss the classical music. My husband would always play classical music when I'm around. Most of all, I will never forget, the process of giving birth.
In a way, my mind was already conditioned. When I studied Nursing, I took care of Moms on labor, to their delivery and up to the nursery where I kept their babies warm. Somewhat, I already know the process, the medicines and the number of injections I will be getting. he!he!he!
It's was still painful, but not as much. It's a good thing that at this famous hospital in QC, each mom was given a Nurse, not only to monitor, but also to give comfort and support, a hand to hold. Literally, the Nurse was seated beside the patient's bed.
It was an experience that officially made me a Mom, "The Mother". A lot changed after. I needed to give up some activities, things and over-all, my single life for a new and better one. The important thing is I am Happier compared to the old life I had. One benefit having your own angel around, everyday, is, to be able to watch him/her grow and develop. The first smiles, laugh, first steps, first solid food (LOL), those bye-bye diapers and feeding bottles. And just recently, our first dance! These are the things that brought Us (me and my husband) the best-ever rewarding experience. I bet the next ones in line is our son's moments in school.
These thoughts Im sharing means a lot to us... a lesson learned...
That the small things a family can share, the simple joys, like a child's smile makes life easier. It's hard and ridiculous when you have everything, but at the end of the day, you still feel incomplete or unsatisfied.
On the other note:
My husband and I are taking it step by step on when to have our next child. With Franky getting ready for school, it's important to have a clear set of priorities. This is when we found the value of family planning, in a sense it does not involve contraceptives. Financially, physically and deep inside.
What I learned on various seminars and from my doctor herself, Natural Method is best applicable to those who have a regular mentrual cycle.
So, if God will permit and give us our next angel (soon)...anytime, we're ready.
Have A Great Day Everyone!!!
Warm Hugs!


Umma said...

What an inspiring post Mommy Ench, I can relate to every details here because I am a first time mom too..

Indeed, having a baby is a blessing, no matter how hard it is to raise a child. The joys that babies could bring cannot equal to any material things in this world.

sweetytots said...

lovely post Ench, reminded me on my pregnancy.. I had a very different one, that involves a lot of crying.. but I survived it all and as you said it changed me a lot.. sweet..pretty..naughty
Memory Filled
Sweety tots

Enchie said...

Hi Umma!!!thanks for the wonderful message.

Enchie said...

Hi Architect! Kudos to you! we'll all have our ups and downs. Now, I can see, you're a very good Mom to J.

J@n!ce said...

I love this post. Its just such a miracle looking back at those times of pregnancy & looking after the newborn :):)


Enchie said...

Thanks Janice...i hope it made your day :)

Chris said...

thanks for sharing this. pregnancy is one of life's most cherished moments isnt it? :) it reminded me of my 2 pregnancies and 2 labors... thank God for giving me 2 precious kids.

i really love newborn babies :)

anyway, may God grant you the desires of your heart :) on His proper timing, im sure you will be blessed :)

Enchie said...

Thanks you Chris for the inspiring word. Indeed, in His time...

Twinkie said...

This is very nice Enchie.

God bless your plans. Natural Method and family planning mixes very well for us too. :)

Evan's Mom said...

I paused for a moment to remember those memories. Lovely thoughts Enchie, we share the same wonderful experience. Mine is the first from my mom's side and this week just started schooling. We are longing for the second too. May God grant yours and ours' desire; He knows our heart :)