Our Family Adventure 2009 Part 1

30 October 2009

We started going on adventure trips in 2008. We thought that its about time... our son is big enough to appreciate sites and to remember a wonderful experience. Just like me and my husband. We would talk about trips and moments we had when we were kids. The happy feeling of looking at past memories is very rewarding. We want our children to treasure theirs too.

In 2008, we went the Laguna Way. This year, its Batangas my dear friends. These places may just be a few hours away from Manila. Many might ask, why not Cebu, Boracay or some place far. This makes us different from the rest. We drive from one town to another and we discover a lot of new things beyond our expectations. The adventure? We have an idea where we are going. But getting there, we have to figure out still.

Late Tuesday evening (11pm), my husband told me to get ready at 5am in the morning (which is actually 5-6 hours away). I knew that we're up for another adventure. A road trip that's makes everything exciting, being clueless of where we are going.
A beautiful sunrise opened a wonderful day

1. Breakfast in Mcdonald's SLEX
2.Taal Vista Hotel
3. Tagaytay Zoo
4. People's Park In The Sky
5. Lunch at the Picnic Grove
6. Summit Ridge
Went to Taal Vista Hotel to check their room rates. Last time I was here, Franky was still inside my big tummy... The breeze was very cold. A perfect place to relax and take pictures.
Tagaytay Zoo
(100Php adult, 60Php kids)
People's Park
(15Php per head, kids-free)
The view here was just amazing. We enjoyed the cool wind and the long walk.

Lunch at the picnic grove. We brought hotdog and java rice. Bought our drinks there, we also have chips, candies, and my green mango.
Green Mango from Manong vendor (the highlight of my picnic experience) ,which I feasted on like there's no tomorrow.
Every Picnic Grove visit will be incomplete without a picture of the famous Taal Volcano. After lunch, we went to Summit Ridge, a new hotel. Bought some groceries from their supermarket and other things needed for the second part of our adventure.

We are now, Batangas bound!

My Moment, My Winning Entry

29 October 2009

Blogging for almost 2 1/2 years, I think that I am already at my peak.

Let me share the dictionary meaning of PEAK:The point of greatest development, value, or intensity: a novel written at the peak of the writer's career. Though I am not a certified author or writer, a recent article of mine just won.

My Winning Entry

This being my first, was just overwhelming. I just came home from a 2 -day vacation with my family. You know, taking a break and detaching ourselves from our city life. This good news welcomed me home. Perfect!

If you're somebody close to me, and practically knows me... you would not even think that I will be able to create something worth as a winning piece. This is where my love for blogging comes in. The passion and inspiration. My blogging life is inspired by my family. Both with my husband and son, my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and my in-laws. My life goes around these people. Making the Red Ribbon entry was a new opportunity for me to share more of our bits and pieces together as family. I took the contest as an opener to bring my love for sharing a step higher from the usual.

Thank you very much Red Ribbon! It was a very fulfilling experience.

For more of the contest details, visit: nomnomclub.com


Enchie Cruz of Sweet Nothings
Levy Martinez of Living Life to the Fullest
Vivian Aguilar of The Divine Viva

Celebrating Sweet Nothing's First Blog Anniversary

23 October 2009

Life continues. Stories of happy, sad, fun and Xtraordinary. As I was assessing my blog's survival for the past year, there is only one motivating factor behind it. The CHALLENGE of what my life has got to offer in order to share. Its all about life. Life, life, life. How colorful it is, how dull and bland it may be.

One thing that I totally forgot for the past 6 months though... the main purposes and reasons why I started blogging.

Theme: It's all about My Life's Purpose. Providing inspiration, learning from others, accepting adversities and making it as a strong point of starting all over again, opening up for change and simply releasing some thoughts that are worth sharing and maybe life changing. I am blessed with a life that most women enjoy. Some, they dream about, and others become very envious of.

Being a Mother and a Wife.

Just yesterday, I was aksed by a famiy and a friend. "So what's for you now"?

I answered: Where my husband goes, I'll trust, I'll follow and support him. Being a Mom and a wife is IT for me. There's nothing else IN for me. I am very satisfied with the life I have with my family. It's all about my family now...

Sweet Nothings will always be about our (my family's) Nothingness. The little but sweet nothings that makes our everyday extraordinary. Sometimes we don't see. It's just there, we all have it. It may be the smallest factor, reasons why we are happy. Sweet Nothings will stand with or without ads, EC, blog hops, and comments. With another year ahead of me, it is an opportunity to reflect on the old, create a happier set up, and for sharing new fairy tales, stories of love, laughter, sadness... whatever comes.

To my blogger friends and readers:
Thank you for the blessing of friendship, love, and inspiration. Thank you for the one of a kind experiences, the laughter, the "kilig" moments from your stories, learnings, and for the stories that define who you are.

Today, I choose to focus on Life's small gifts,
a touch, a smile, a fragrance.
Today, I choose the Good that Life has to offer.

So how did I celebrate my first year?

My husband went on a 2- week leave from work. Everyday- from Monday, we were out loving our time. Enjoyed each other's company, danced around the kitchen together, brought our son to and from school together, made Franky's Halloween costume together. It was just all about being Extraordinarily together... everyday.

Plus, plus, plus
A 6-hour pampering in the new hair salon I just recently discovered. Hair treatment, foot massage, pedicure. Well, it's that time of the year when I pour time for myself. Might as well do it in celebration of my blog's first anniversary.
My little boy, happy to accompany me. Thanks to my husband who took care of everything.
Smiley Face

The BANGS are back!
A little treat for my camera too. Finally, it is now protected!
A possible Speedlight on its way, a 50mm and a telephoto-zoom lens.

The Magnificent Manila Bay Sunset

20 October 2009

Are these enough to make you stay here in the Philippines...
A relaxing Monday near the breakwater Manila Bay... All we wanted was to change our typical Monday. A leave from work, taking our time waiting for the sun to set and room for more bonding made our first day of the week splendid.

My sunset moment
All we wanted was to capture the beautiful sunset of the Manila Bay. Even before having a DSLR, all I wanted to experience for every Manila visit we make, is to see the famous sunset. For the first time, I was able to witness this wonder in full color.

Pixel Bug Weekend--- We're Back On Track

19 October 2009


Weekend was all about our 'ol Civic. We're finally back on track with everything working perfectly fine. One thing lacking though... we didn't have music. My husband and I talked on getting a new car stereo (since the old one got busted from the flood), and if we're going to purchase a new one, might as well get the latest where we can just plug our USB for our MP3s.
tada! a New Car Stereo!

It was great listening to our favorite tunes as we drove to my hometown, where we enjoyed lunch with our parents. Talked on some interesting plans for the future. More stories about the recent flood. It was our typical relaxing Sunday. Nothing could be better than having some sunshine, good food, good conversations and good company.

Red Ribbon White Forest to end an inspiring weekend...

Later in the afternoon, we drove our mom to a nearby mall. Enjoyed another bonding time with her and my sister. We ate merienda in Red Ribbon. Even without the White Forest my dear friends, we are Red Ribbon lovers.
My Slice of Heaven
Finally we're able to reserve a White Forest Cake. That's right, "reserved". For the past few days, we had a hard time looking for a White Forest cake. In Cubao, there's only one Red Ribbon and this cake is also hot in the market.

Share your Pixel full weekend @ Pixel Bug Weekend

Have a lovely week everyone!

Mommy Moments---Day At The Mall

15 October 2009

mommy moments
I thought that I have a lot to share. Turns out that most of our mall pictures are taken from a restaurant--- inside the mall. Anyway, lucky enough to join, I found some interesting pictures.
With Edward Cullen in- AliMall. We bumped into each other one rainy day, so decided to have a picture. Smiley Face He told me that New Moon is coming out soon. Watch it!
In a CANON store- Megamall. This is where I bought my DSLR. I keep coming back to check some lenses. It's my favorite stop in Megamall.
At Greenbelt 5. Nice place to walk around and do some window shopping. With emphasis on the word "window". I had fun looking at high end stuff, thinking that even I can't afford uhhmmm... let's say, a Balenciaga bag, I could still use window shopping as a motivator to save up for one.
Not over yet... I do have a Mommy Moment at the mall...
Taken by the bay at the Mall Of Asia... This is one of my favorites.

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Red Ribbon White Forest Cake Brings Families Closer

From the moment I received my first White Forest Cake, I shared it with my Mom. She passed this good news to my aunt and other relatives. As predicted, being such cake lovers, they enjoyed the new Red Ribbon White Forest Cake.

Sharing makes room for bonding, more laughs, and good conversations. We spend our Sundays together as a clan. My siblings and I would always meet with our families at our parent's place. We make it a point that we see each other at least once a week. This way, we keep our relationship as family close and sparkling. Most of the time, we have lunch or dinner then we buy cake or some sweets for dessert. The White Forest Cake changed how cakes are looked at in our family. Especially for our Dad. Our Father is not a cake lover. He'd buy cake for special occasions only. Like birthdays and anniversaries. This cake sensation changed his thoughts on liking cakes. He is now the #1 fan of Red Ribbon. He got exposed to something and realized, that a simple cake can make our everyday special even without an occasion to celebrate. Family bondings happy conversations, a relaxing day, a perfect snack, and simply feeling complete... are enough reasons that cakes are for everybody, anytime of the day.

It made us happier

He even bought a crystal cake plate to make the family's every cake experience sweeter, more inviting and tempting. Our Sunday get together is going to be more fun and colorful, for Red Ribbon's White Forest cake will now and always be part of it. We officially agreed that it's the only cake that everybody loves. The kids said its yummy and they're very much attracted with the long-stemmed cherries on top, they could just grab it easily. The young and old at heart are always excited to have some and more of it. All these for just one cake. Red Ribbon's White Forest Cake.

The flavor of this cake is just amazing. Luscious cherry bits in between layers of white chiffon cake, topped with rich white chocolates and long- stemmed maraschino cherries. Nobody can't resist to have a slice. So thank you Red Ribbon! Thank you for bringing us The White Forest Cake.

By the way, its selling like hot cakes everywhere.

Girls Talk! My Favorite Shoes

The girls are buzzing again. This time, its about our favorite footwear.

Shoes... every girl's weakness. Don't tell me its not. To be honest, I am not a shoe person, but when I see something that I really like, I buy it and it stays with me forever.

Two of my first favorites are these:
Peep toes from Cathryn and Charlz (2 years old)
2 inches slip- on from Parisian (1 year old)
I like it with jeans.

For every pair there is a story. I was on the look for a different kind of flat shoes. I searched for about a month. I found several nice flats, but not as sophisticated looking as the one I bought from Cathryn and Charlz. I use it for both causal and formal. Dress, jeans, pants, shorts, skirt. It fits every outfit in my closet.

We all know that Parisian is from Shoe Mart. I got these shoes just for my Visa interview. I didn't have the time to go around and look anymore. And when it comes to these kind of situations, I go to SM. They always have the answer for my dilemmas. By the way, with all the rushing on the day of my interview, I ended up wearing the peep toes.
Smiley Face

My Adidas, and its red!
4 years old with me

If I were to buy a new one, I will still choose red. Have this old one repaired and keep it. Lastly, let me share the oldest of them all. My Doc Martens. Offcially mine back in 1997.
12 years old

It was very hot when I was in high school. Every kid has it. A friend of mine bought hers from Hong Kong. That time, I own a very nice Benetton shoes (which was also very hot back then). She liked my Benetton, and I was dying to have a Doc Martens. She thought, since she owns more than one DMs she's happy to trade her boots for my Benetton. So that's how I got my first boots. I still use this by the way. Especially on a rainy day. Plus, I want it in white! (si Jandi kasi e...)

Wanna share your favorites? Go to: Girls Talk!

Fragrant Finds For Your Home

13 October 2009

This product has been part of my grocery list since I discovered it at SM Tiendesitas early this year. As moms and wives we all want to keep our homes clean, well-maintained and in order. Plus, we definitely want every corner of it to smell good. Not all odor eliminators are healthy. Especially for the kids. According to recent findings, one of the factors that greatly affects our respiratory system, are sprays with chemicals. In any form as long as its mixed with chemicals. May it be an insect spray or your favorite air freshener. I guess that's why we now have gel air fresheners. This is not a paid ad. I just wanna share that this product has been doing wonders in my home.
My latest find is their Super Odor Neutralizer. It smells so good. Remember, our car went underwater in the recent flood... It's helping on eliminating the excess stench. Perfect for any fabric, carpets or simply spritz some around your living room, bedroom and bathroom. Not recommended on Silk and Leather by the way. But I still used the Odor Neutralizer over the car's leather seat cover. Nothing happened.

The smell is long lasting. The gels can last up to 1 month. With an empty container, it can still make your room smell nice.
My favorites: After The Rain, Sunny Laundry (not in the picture) and Lavander for the gel air freshener. Orchard Garden for the Odor Neutralizer.

Pixel Bug Weekend--- Videoke with Family and Friends

12 October 2009

Busy weekend? Yup! it was a busy- fun weekend indeed! We were reunited with a family from America. My husband's cousin came home for a short vacation here in the Philippines. Last time they saw each other? was back in 2001. By the time my husband got home from America, it was Bryan's turn to leave. I have known Bryan and Dolf as close as peanut butter and jelly. If there's me and Dolf, definitely, there was Bryan and Dolf first.
Things are different now... both have matured into a family-loving and happy father. It was really exciting to watch and get entertained by the boys as they catch up with the past and the present.

Friday night, my husband went on leave to meet up with Bryan and his family. Franky and I tagged along. I was very happy to finally have met his wife and son too. Our sons got along well. As if they've met before.
They're like two souls from the past reunited. Well, it runs in the blood. Their dads has a very colorful relationship. It would be lovely to see them grow together too. We met at Greenbelt 5.
Walked all the way to Greenbelt 3 had dinner at Fish & Co. with some more friends. After dinner, it was Red Box time!
One thing that will complete any Philippine visit is to experience videoke, Filipino style. Franky stayed up late with us. I mean, its rare that he joins us in our night outs. Plus, Franky likes videoke. We had Nachos, Gambas, 2 rounds of beer, Buffalo Wings and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.

This was just the first half of our weekend. Sunday, my husband and I invited them over our place. Spent the whole day again together.
Smiley Face