Girls Talk! My Favorite Perfume

08 October 2009

I have been aching to join Niko's Girls Talk!. It's all about the wonderful life of being a SHE. This week, the girls are buzzing about their favorite scent/s.

I actually have 3 favorite perfumes. 2 are in the picture, the other... all empty threw it already.

Banana Republic JADE--- i like it because of its spicy-sweet scent. Its different yet not too strong. Its beyond our usual (sweet and floral). Perfect for both day and night.
Clinique Happy Heart--- my "anytime of the day" scent. I almost tried every Clinique perfume. Happy, Heart, To Be, In Bloom... they're all nice but I'm staying with HeartGraphics. Its in-between everything.

Estée Lauder Pleasures--- I also consider this as my "anytime of the day" perfume. Sweet smelling.

One important factor I look for a scent is the after smell. Sometimes perfumes can be so nice at the beginning, but later in the day, you end up smelling like you worked for 2 days and perspiring.

Lastly, I also like body mists and baby colognes.
Johnsons baby cologne HEAVEN will always be part of my scent sensation, also Watson's Body Treats--body mist. It's a good thing we have our local scents made already. During summer or on a very humid day, I use baby cologne or body mist. It makes me feel cooler.
What's your story girl? Share it with the rest @ Girls Talk.


chubskulit said...

Wow am sure laging kang mabango nyan sis hehehe..

Here's my fragrances

Seiko said...

I used to love Estee Lauder & Clinique too & I really love the scent of these two 'though i stick to Chanel 19 now a days.Welcome to Girls Talk!Si Mommy Willa sumali na rin just today.Hope you can visit mine too:D
Btw,I have something for you ..a circle of friend.Hope you can grab it if you have a plenty of time.Good night Mommy Enchie:D

Chris said...

i used to love estee.. but am not into perfumes na.. :)

Willa said...

Looks like Johnson's Cologne is everybody's favorite, it's always there in the middle of the most expensive one. :)

Clarissa said...

Welcome to Girl's Talk,Mommy Enchie!!Thanks for this post--another perfume to check out!I'm sure they all smell good!!^_^

nikogirl said...

wow nice collection nmn ng perfume ench.. bigla ako naglaway.. dpat magkta na tau ng maamoy na kta! :) LOL

thanks for joining ench ha! see u next week.. fave shoes nmn tau..

ingat lagi!

kikamz said...

di ko pa natry ang banana republic JADE. i am sure it smells great! i love the smell of happy heart too. it is indeed important to look for the after smell. there are some perfumes that leave an offending after smell. :D

kittykat said...

naku gusto ko din ma try yang Banana Republic mommy..marami na akong naririnig na magandang review about choices..

darly said...

my darly is using BR Jade for men, pero haven't smelled the for ladies scent... should try it out.

used to love clinique happy back in college- its smells so feminine and happy nga.

♥peachkins♥ said...

I have to try that scent of clinique. The Jade bottle is cute.

Yami said...

pareho kami ni Chris tsaka sensitive na ilong ko sa strong scent. I carry a small Johnson's baby cologne sa bag. :)