Girls Talk! My Favorite Shoes

15 October 2009

The girls are buzzing again. This time, its about our favorite footwear.

Shoes... every girl's weakness. Don't tell me its not. To be honest, I am not a shoe person, but when I see something that I really like, I buy it and it stays with me forever.

Two of my first favorites are these:
Peep toes from Cathryn and Charlz (2 years old)
2 inches slip- on from Parisian (1 year old)
I like it with jeans.

For every pair there is a story. I was on the look for a different kind of flat shoes. I searched for about a month. I found several nice flats, but not as sophisticated looking as the one I bought from Cathryn and Charlz. I use it for both causal and formal. Dress, jeans, pants, shorts, skirt. It fits every outfit in my closet.

We all know that Parisian is from Shoe Mart. I got these shoes just for my Visa interview. I didn't have the time to go around and look anymore. And when it comes to these kind of situations, I go to SM. They always have the answer for my dilemmas. By the way, with all the rushing on the day of my interview, I ended up wearing the peep toes.
My Adidas, and its red!
4 years old with me

If I were to buy a new one, I will still choose red. Have this old one repaired and keep it. Lastly, let me share the oldest of them all. My Doc Martens. Offcially mine back in 1997.
12 years old

It was very hot when I was in high school. Every kid has it. A friend of mine bought hers from Hong Kong. That time, I own a very nice Benetton shoes (which was also very hot back then). She liked my Benetton, and I was dying to have a Doc Martens. She thought, since she owns more than one DMs she's happy to trade her boots for my Benetton. So that's how I got my first boots. I still use this by the way. Especially on a rainy day. Plus, I want it in white! (si Jandi kasi e...)

Wanna share your favorites? Go to: Girls Talk!


Mys said...

I love the boots and the red addidas. Great shoes. I love your photos.

shelo's garden said...

wow , i love that red adidas of yours.. I love red shoes..

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!I fell in love with your red adidas!! Some says they feel sexy when they're wearing a red high heeled shoes,for me naman I feel sexy on a red rubber shoes lol!!I remember Doc Martens when I was in highschool,too!!I love the style until now.Can't believe that doc martens of yours is 12 years old now,looks new!!

Meikah said...

I like the red Adidas, too! =) You have good choices for shoes.

My Favorite Shoes are here. :D

Tracie said...

I loved seeing your shoes. My favorites were the red Adidas...those are too cool!!

nikogirl said...

oi ench, u mean even 12 yrs ago yan na size ng paa mo??? omg. eh diba u have big size :D i remember ung post mo sa havaianas slippers mo eh :D

i love ur parisian, minsan lng ako mktagpo ng parisian na magugustuhan ko.. gusto ko yang nabili mo :D hihih

anyways thanks for joining this week ench ha..see u next week for our fave dress naman! mwah wmah

kittykat said...

i also love the red adidas..oh my..pwede mo ipamana sa akin yan..

Bambie dear ★ said...

wow nice pairs of shoes.. especially the one from cathryn and charlz, sexy at type ko. Kaso di bagay sa akin ngayon mga sexy sandals kasi tagal ng di napapamper mga paa ko lol.

I know Parisian, dun din kasi ako bumibili kapag nasa Sm kami. Mas marami kasi choices at affordable pa.

How can I forget Dr Martens? Uso yan since elementary, i even have one nuon HS kaso immitation lol Too pricey daw for me..

here's mine

Willa said...

I only own one boots and I gotta start wearing them soon when the snow starts falling.
Love your strappy sandals, too bad I can't wear one of those.

chubskulit said...

I love your adidas sis!

Here's my sapatos

nuts said...

i love the first two of your shoes. so girly!

Seiko said...

I love your Parisian sexy & dating..giggle!

Mom of Four said...

I love Parisian Shoes from SM, dun kami lagi nabili ng sister ko ng shoes, mura lang kasi saka magaganda ang style. Di ba mabigat ang Doc Martens boots mo? Parang bago pa, shiny pa eh.

I don't have shoes that as old as 5 years old, when we went for a vacation, my very fave shoes eh naawitan kasi maganda raw. eh sobrang luma na, but they still asked for it. Kaya la na ko shoes, wahhh!

Whiney Momma said...

I am a shoe crazy woman too. Love those silver shiny ones!

kikamz said...

i love your peep toes mommy ench. very comfy and chic!

wow, kasya pa rin sa yo ang boots? ang galing! korek ka ench, DMs were very hot then. but they are quite heavy to wear. work safety shoes kasi, di ba?

kAyE said...

vavavoom yung adidas mommy enchie! lurve! and the peep toes! so classic!

anyways, here's my entry for this week:

Chie Wilks said...

wow all your favorite shoes...and I agree with is one of the girl's weaknesses

Yami said...

Pagtingin ko sa mga shoes mo the first two, ay ang sexy, nice. My reaction sa rubber shoes at doc martens, da best! comfortable kasi ako sa rubber shoes or boots. pero chucks ang last na nakaulayaw ng paa ko that was before ako nag-retire.