The Man In The Mirror 1958-2009

01 October 2009

Its been months since the King of Pop passed away. Well, it wasn't easy to just grab a memorabilia. Stores have been selling them for a very high price. I was hoping to grab a copy of Time Magazine's MJ Tribute. But its selling like hotcakes. During the recent book fair, I looked for a copy, and still nah-ah (none).
I found several MJ magazines, but still too expensive. They're being sold for Php600-Php1000 each, and its just a magazine.
So I took my time, went to every store big and small, and lucky enough, I found a hardbound MJ Tribute book by Tim Hill for only Php500. This book contains everything about his music life, from the beginning and to his very end. His memorial was also included. A guy beside me holding some of the expensive magazines regretfully told me that he should have looked around first. I knew that I made the right buy just seeing the look from his face.
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I knew Michael Jackson through his music. I don't really mind if I don't get to know more of his private life. That's his and his alone.

As long as his music is bringing ua joy, love peace and inspiration... he will always be remembered.


emotera said...

his songs will stay with us even if he's long gone...

Bambie dear ★ said...

this is nice.. i think its worth to have a memorabilia of MJ kasi he made history. few days after he passed away, agad na ko bumili ng dvd videos nya online, and they delivered it almost 2 months after when it was supposed to be delivered 3 days after purchasing.

Billie said...

Hi! May I know where did you buy the book? What specific store? I was thinking of getting it for me and my friend who is long time MJ fan too. I'd really appreciate it if you can share that info...thanks in advance!

Billie said...

Hi! I hope you can share with me where did you buy the book? I was thinking of getting one for me and my friend who is a long time MJ fan. I'll really appreciate it. Thank you:)