Fragrant Finds For Your Home

13 October 2009

This product has been part of my grocery list since I discovered it at SM Tiendesitas early this year. As moms and wives we all want to keep our homes clean, well-maintained and in order. Plus, we definitely want every corner of it to smell good. Not all odor eliminators are healthy. Especially for the kids. According to recent findings, one of the factors that greatly affects our respiratory system, are sprays with chemicals. In any form as long as its mixed with chemicals. May it be an insect spray or your favorite air freshener. I guess that's why we now have gel air fresheners. This is not a paid ad. I just wanna share that this product has been doing wonders in my home.
My latest find is their Super Odor Neutralizer. It smells so good. Remember, our car went underwater in the recent flood... It's helping on eliminating the excess stench. Perfect for any fabric, carpets or simply spritz some around your living room, bedroom and bathroom. Not recommended on Silk and Leather by the way. But I still used the Odor Neutralizer over the car's leather seat cover. Nothing happened.

The smell is long lasting. The gels can last up to 1 month. With an empty container, it can still make your room smell nice.
My favorites: After The Rain, Sunny Laundry (not in the picture) and Lavander for the gel air freshener. Orchard Garden for the Odor Neutralizer.


darly said...

momi enchie, yan din ginagamit namin dito sa house namin sa UAE. Super effective specially if you cooked something with a strong smell like fried fish or dishes with bagoong.

i hope you recovered already from the flooding.

joy said...

hi enchie! thanks for sharing this info,i'll try it. i want to have our house always smell good but i'm careful with the products that i use because of the chemicals involved, thanks again.

Clarissa said...

I guess Japanese uses the gel air fresheners and not the spray ones as air fresheners.Mahilig din sila ( I guess not all )yung walang masyadong amoy--just an odor eliminator.I love the gel freshener with the fragrance though.

♥peachkins♥ said...

hmmnn..thanks for sharing Ench..ita-try ko nga yan at dito sa shop ko minsan may mga pumapasok na amoy B.O...pwede kaya yan doon? heheh

kittykat said...

wow..nice finds mommy Ench..never ko pa na try yan sa bahay..but will take your word for it and will surely try it kung may makita ako sa supermarket namin dito sa Davao..

Enchie said...

@ Darly wow imported pala ang air freshener na ito :D

@ you're very welcome Joy. pareho tayong concern when it comes to health (its effects)

@ Clang! Hello! I think Japanese are more careful talaga. I used to have the plain odor neutralizer lang din.
@ Peachy super effective talaga. Lalo na siguro sa shop mo kung hindi naman spacious. I would advise the Odor Neutralizer. Spray mo ng pa-simple sa may B.O lol!

Enchie said...

@ Kat! Kung may SM Supermarket diyan Davao, malaki ang chance na meron din. :D

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang sarap amuy amuyin ng house nyo...bango bango.
ako din mahilig magpabango ng house..I use Glade o di naman kaya scented candle..

Chimica said...

I love renizit also.. I have been using since before I even become a mom.. they are like heaven sent.. and i love the little crystals ones too.. so fun and easy! :)

Enchie said...

@ Meryl I like sana scented candles but I have a kid, so cross-out muna sa options ko. Candles are more natural.

@ Chimica thanks for dropping by sure smells like heaven sent them ;)