Our Family Adventure 2009 Part 1

30 October 2009

We started going on adventure trips in 2008. We thought that its about time... our son is big enough to appreciate sites and to remember a wonderful experience. Just like me and my husband. We would talk about trips and moments we had when we were kids. The happy feeling of looking at past memories is very rewarding. We want our children to treasure theirs too.

In 2008, we went the Laguna Way. This year, its Batangas my dear friends. These places may just be a few hours away from Manila. Many might ask, why not Cebu, Boracay or some place far. This makes us different from the rest. We drive from one town to another and we discover a lot of new things beyond our expectations. The adventure? We have an idea where we are going. But getting there, we have to figure out still.

Late Tuesday evening (11pm), my husband told me to get ready at 5am in the morning (which is actually 5-6 hours away). I knew that we're up for another adventure. A road trip that's makes everything exciting, being clueless of where we are going.
A beautiful sunrise opened a wonderful day

1. Breakfast in Mcdonald's SLEX
2.Taal Vista Hotel
3. Tagaytay Zoo
4. People's Park In The Sky
5. Lunch at the Picnic Grove
6. Summit Ridge
Went to Taal Vista Hotel to check their room rates. Last time I was here, Franky was still inside my big tummy... The breeze was very cold. A perfect place to relax and take pictures.
Tagaytay Zoo
(100Php adult, 60Php kids)
People's Park
(15Php per head, kids-free)
The view here was just amazing. We enjoyed the cool wind and the long walk.

Lunch at the picnic grove. We brought hotdog and java rice. Bought our drinks there, we also have chips, candies, and my green mango.
Green Mango from Manong vendor (the highlight of my picnic experience) ,which I feasted on like there's no tomorrow.
Every Picnic Grove visit will be incomplete without a picture of the famous Taal Volcano. After lunch, we went to Summit Ridge, a new hotel. Bought some groceries from their supermarket and other things needed for the second part of our adventure.

We are now, Batangas bound!


Jac said...

I love the road trip mommy Enchie, I can't wait for the part 2 post..

joy said...

hi enchie! congratulations for winning the red ribbon contest! very timely because you just celebrated your blog's anniversary!

it's a wonderful trip and i'm so happy that your family gets to go on road trips.

and i have a tag for you in my blog, please check it. thanks

pinayrichmom said...

Tagaytay is always a fun place to visit: cool breeze, beautiful sites, and memorable family bonding time! :)

Anonymous said...

this is way off topic please delete after reading. I would like to ask a small favor. I'd appreciate if you post a comment on my Dare to be Fit post please! Thanks in advance!

Yaseen Abbas said...

It was one of the best picture of sun set view. May be you enjoy allot on your trekking or adventure trip.