Mommy Moments--- My Baby's First Smile

29 January 2009

mommy moments

I'm really excited for this week's Mommy Moments...
1. When I asked Chris about the theme, I immediately looked for pictures and found tons of them.
2. The baby pictures just made me hug my little boy tight. I can't believe how fast time is. From a baby, he's all grown to a little boy. Next thing you'll know he'll be asking for tips and advises regarding love, school life and later on marriage. But let's not get carried away that far...He is just 4 years old. :)

These four was taken during his first 2 months.

The middle set when he was a lot older. He kept on throwing his pillows at us (mom and dad), and he'll laugh out loud. Like, literally.
And the last set...well, he's much younger here, but it's my favorite. It was my first time to hear him laugh. I think this is when it all started, him being playful with a hint of naughtyness.
I enjoyed sharing another Mommy Moment...Can't wait for the next ;)
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Getting Ready For School

Finally! After months of worrying whether we will be able to find the right school for our son, is over. Early today, we were able to find a nice school located near our place. Its a pre-school, learning and activity area. It fits children from 2-6 years. I have been eyeing at this school for years, its just now, that we're able to inquire. And thank God for this instant blessing. In 2 months we will be enrolling Franky in a summer workshop (at that very same school) he will both learn and play. We thought that it will serve as a form of preparation for school this coming June.

I must admit, it's hard preparing for this new stage in my child's life. Financially, it's not a joke. The standard of living in the city is far different from the rural areas. The cheapest we could find for a pre-school is at P40,000. But then, when it comes to education/learning, it's always a must to give whatever's best for our children. If not something from the top of the list, at least something we can afford and will still give the proper learning we desire as parents.
As what the Directress told us, our son is qualified to join the Junior Kinder circle for this schoolyear. I am really excited for his first day.
I am also happy to finally experience this one of a kind mommy moment ( Hi Chris!) A goal to be reached-soon.

My Birthday Wishlist

28 January 2009

Tagged by an angel BabySam...
My birthday is 11 months away. I am thankful to have given a chance to share my 31st wish list for my special day.

Rules Of The Tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Here goes!

1.I wish to celebrate my birthday out of town with the family.
2.I wish good health for me and my family
3.I wish to meet some of my blogger friends in person
4.I wish to meet Rachel Ray and have a picture with her
5.I wish for Sweet Nothings & my food blog to stay long and stronger
6.I wish for peace of mind and a happier disposition
7.I wish for a new camera lense that will fit my photo needs
8.I wish for more ME time
9.I wish for my hair to grow longer
10.I pray and wish for the whole world, stability and abundance.

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1 Celebrant 2 Birthday Celebrations

27 January 2009

It's My Baby's Birthday!!!

We had 2 advance birthday celebrations. First, was with my father-in-law's celebration at The Oasis.
My husband was surprised with a birthday song and a cake to blow. Plus, a feast to remember by Mandarin Oriental. His birthday is on the 28th, but he needs to report to work. Yesterday, he decided to take a day off and prepared for another celebration with some friends. A few days after the first celebration, he had a haircut and got his usual skin- head back. See the difference.

His cakes

Orange flavored cake with orange frostings

Red Velvet from Red Ribbon

With our guests Ricky and Jon.

We had a small feast of Shrimps in butter & garlic, Vegetable Tuna Marinara, Crispy Breaded Fried Chicken, Fresh Strawberries In Cream, Beer. After, the boys had a game of Left 4 Dead which I enjoyed watching. I was suppose to join, we had 4 computers available (3 laptops and my PC) but we only had 3 cables. Sorry me, I had to give the boys the chance to bond. While watching them, I ate my heart out instead.
The main highlight of the night was my gift. It's kinda extraordinary for a HE. I gave him a Bubble Foot Massager. I like giving him foot rubs or massages. I feel that he will enjoy something that will give him an instant Spa moment. He works hard so much, he deserves all the pampering in the world.

Happy 31st Birthday Baby...He loved my hubby entry and he was very proud I shared our story...

A Walk To Remember

26 January 2009

It is surely a movie to remember...
It's one flick that I love watching over and over again. The movie, that made me love Mandy Moore as an over-all performer. Her breakthrough in the acting scene.
A Walk To Remember is a romance film based on a romance novel by Nicholas Sparks. The inspiration for A Walk to Remember was Nicholas Sparks' sister, Danielle Sparks Lewis, who died of cancer in 2000.The plot was inspired by her life; Danielle met a man who wanted to marry her, "even when he knew she was sick, even when he knew that she might not make it". Both the book and movie are dedicated to Danielle Sparks Lewis.

Everytime, all the time, its impossible I won't get teary-eyed while watching. Especially when nearing the end part...Last Saturday, it made me cry again, the funny part, my son was looking at me. With his facial expression I know he was figuring out why, and I had to explain that it was the movie. The story of 2 highschool kids who were living in 2 separate worlds, was brought together in order to fulfill Jamie's (Mandy Moore) miracle.
"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it."
It also includes a great line of songs:
Dare You To Move- Switchfoot
Cry - Mandy Moore
Someday We'll Know -Mandy Moore and Jon Foreman
Dancing in The Moonlight - 2001 Remix Toploader
Learning To Breathe - Switchfoot
Only Hope - Mandy Moore
It's Gonna Be Love - Mandy Moore
You - Switchfoot
No One - Cold
So What Does It All Mean? - West, Gould & Fitzgerald
Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough - New Radicals
Cannonball - The Breeders
Only Hope- Switchfoot

Weekend Snapshot---Merienda/ Snack

25 January 2009

Lumpiang Prito

I practically did nothing this weekend. My husband was out of town since friday for a convention in Baguio City. We're suppose to go too, but we didn't want to mix work and family. It spoils everything.

Anyway, my son & I stayed at home the whole weekend. I watched some old flicks while munching on these. It's been a long time since I tasted this famous afternoon snack. This Lumpiang prito is made out of Toge (mung bean sprouts), sauted with garlic and some ground meat, wrapped in spring roll wrapper and dipped in vinegar. Mouth-watering...yummy!

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Have a Blessed Week Everyone!

Big hugs!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Toy Hunt---Round Toys

24 January 2009

My Saturday Toy Hunt Entry for Rounds Toys
I completely forgot to post an entry last saturday...For interactive toys. Just in case I would have posted my son's mini basketball rink and his Vtech laptop.
For this weekend, I decided to share that we're very much abundant with these round things from Timezone. The smaller balls were from a vending machine at some grocery store. My son was so attracted with the colors and designs.

And this Winnie The Pooh Music box-Cd like player for kids. He stopped playing with this. But when he saw it yesterday,he started playing and listening to it again.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

How Do I Love My Husband

23 January 2009

Another wonderful tag about love, life and this time showing what greatness marriage brings to each individual...My warmest thanks to UMMA...
I keep on mentioning over and over how marriage changed me and my over-all perspective in life. I used to be the type of person who would seal herself in a box and view the world on one side. Until I met Dolf.
Enchie ...Dolf....two complete strangers, with different philosophies and ideologies.
Dolf's my brother's schoolmate and bandmate in DSLU. Actually, he was the only person from my bro's circle whom I haven't met.
There were times when he would go to our house, but, it's either I would be sleeping or out with friends. Then there were times when my bro would invite me to join them. But for some odd reason, I couldn't join them.
On my 21st birthday, I invited my brother's friends, sent an invite to Dolf, so I could finally meet him. But during that time, he had a girlfriend and I just got dumped by some guy.
When I finally met him, he was very charming and quite a gentleman.
7 months later we met again, I went on a blind date with some goofy guy. It was actually a double date with my bro and his girlfriend. We went to Malate, to watch my brother's band play. And to my surprise("eyes twinkling"), I saw him....It was Dolf... sitting by the bar and gulping a bottle of beer.The feeling was refreshing. I was sooo bored with my date and decided to walk over to him and have a quick chat...So, that's when it started for us. The next day he texted me and invited me out for a movie. It was a very flattering experience. Then, in 2000 we made it official to everybody.
8 and 1/2 years of being together... 4 years married...How Do I Love My husband?
I love him back because he brought out the real person in me
I love him back because he has brown eyes
I love him back because he accepted me for I am
I love him back because he is a very patient person
I love him back for being a God-loving and fearing person
I love him back because he knows my heart's desires even if I don't say anything to him
I love him back because he is a good, responsible, sweet, and loving Father to our child
I love him back because he is full of wisdom
I love him back for being simple and humble about himself and his achievements
I love him back for the hugs and kisses he gives me everyday
I love him back for making me enjoy the luxury of staying at home
I love him back for being "the chef of the day" when I'm sick
I love him back because he plays sweet pranks with me
I love him back for his corny jokes and baluktot tagalog words
I love him back because he knows how to listen or to hear me out
I love him back for choosing me to be his partner and to spend the rest of his life with...

To my dear Dolf...
This entry is specially for my loving husband...

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Mommy Moments---Latest Birthday Photo Of Franky!

mommy moments

My Mommy Moments entry for Latest Birthday Photos Of The Kids
Taken last Sept. 20, 2008
Franky's 4th Birthday!!!

The Birthday Boy!
We had a simple celebration here at home with our close family.
I prepared some goodie bags, we had balloons and birthday hats for everybody.
With our guests. My side of the family. My husband's family lives in the US, so everytime we host an occasion, my parents, my siblings and Franky's cousins are always on top of our guests list. It's a blessing if somebody comes home from the US to celebrate with us.

His Birthday Cake. Since he loves The Transformers, I ordered this Optimus Prime from Red Ribbon. It's a chocolate cake.

And lastly, a kid's birthday is not cmplete without a family picture with Mom & Dad and an inverted #4 (lol).

What's your Mommy Moment with your kids on their birthday?

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Happy T.G.I.F!!!

Sample Shots 2---Whatever Catches My Eye

22 January 2009

I am proud to share another batch of images I took, for this month...I honestly don't know how to rate them. The whole month I took shots of whatever that called my attention.
There you go, another reason why I can't go practice photography 100%.
These random photos are taken from different ocassions and time.
Wildflower. It covered our parking space when we were in Laguna. Pretty nice for a parking space. I was thinking, why place this pretty one, where it could only be stepped on or trampled.
Fern plant from my Auntie's Garden. This is literally a lucky shot. I held the camera and faced it down. There were stuff between me and the plant so I had to hold a certain position while taking it.
The wooden bird cage is actually hanging on top of the fern plant. I was after the sun light towards the thing. As mentioned, there were stuff (gardening materials) between me and the plant. (tabingi) (excuses!excuses! he!he!he!)
The wooden bridge was taken from a farm. My son and his grandfather went boating, while I took advantage of the bridge (lol). This is one subject I wanted to shoot. The texture of the wood and how the bridge was made--- very dramatic.
And this drop of water...from my placemat. :)
I might concentrate on these kind of photos, also portraits. It doesn't require so much time and money to enjoy a fun- filled photo session. Still learning!

Pardon The Constant Change Of Template

21 January 2009

Maybe you have been noticing that I keep on changing the look of my site. I was on search for a nicer template online. Take note: free template (LOL) I'm still thinking if I should hire somebody to do it for me...Anyway, it's a bit hard, because it's going to remove everything from my sidebar. And to be honest, it's not easy pasting back the links and codes according to its original line-up.
I was awake up to 5am early today, retrieving the original setting. I tried a butterfly template which looked really sweet. But when I uploaded it, there weren't enough columns to fit my links and stuff. Yes, I did save the original template. But I found out I had to manually post the contents for each page element one by one--- again.
Here I am once more, with another window open still looking for a nice template. So just in case you visit, and you couldn't find the EC drop card, or if you want to leave a message... my apologies... I will get back at you as soon as possible.
Happy Wednesday!!! and Congratulations to Now, President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama!

Travel Conversations

20 January 2009

I had a meaningful conversation with my husband over dinner last night. All of a sudden he asked me: So, Where Do You Wanna Go First? I really got confused because it wasn't even related to the current topic we're having. Then, he ellaborated: I mean, if we're to travel, where do you wanna go first? I want to go to Atlanta, visit your home and meet your (my husband's) entire clan. Then, we plan from there. America is a very big country, each State has a lot to offer.
As how I explained it to him...
My view of travelling is experiencing their life, culture and traditions. Of course, part of it, is to relax or to destress. Shopping? not really, I can go shopping anytime, anywhere without leaving Manila. Part of my travelling agenda is to learn about the history of the country or town. Also to enjoy its famous delicacy.
Being married to a person who grew up travelling, is one of the things I am very thankful for.
I learn through his stories, the purpose why he went to visit that certain country. Same coming from another individual. I just can't stop asking questions.
In a way, even if I haven't been out of the Philippines, I can say, I know a lot about travelling "per se". Watching lifestyle/travel channels, reading various magazines and books helps me refresh my mind and it adds knowledge.
Over-all, nothing beats the experience when you personally go, ride the plane and set foot on your dream destination. One of the things that didn't push through in 2008 was our US trip. Everything was all set. Everybody was pretty excited for us. But my husband had to take an offer. Something that everyone (if in his place) could never resist. We had to stay.
In 2009, there are bigger priorities at hand than travelling. Schooling and hoping for another angel to join the family. But we'll never know...One of the goals I have for this year is to travel. If not the US, within Asia or at least far north of the country.
For now, all I can enjoy is having great travel conversations with my husband. Planning, just in case we're given the time and space to actually go anytime we wanted to.
Have a blessed week everyone!
Big Warm Hugs!

And The Awarding Continues

19 January 2009

I would like to thank all the Mommas who shared these presents to me...What a great way to start the week!

Mommy Eds of for this Cute's Blogger Award

Mommy Jes of for the wonderful Triple Award

Mommy Willa of for this Sweet Lemonade Award

Mommy Umma of, Gagay of and Mommy Pehpot of the Honest Scrap Award...
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-Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends.
-Show the 7 random names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.”
-List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!
10 things you should know about me---
1. I am a Diver Wannabe. All I can do is to Snorkle and snorkle and snorkle my heart out. It will take a lot of time and money to have Diving lessons.
2. I love listening to the 80's beat. (You know...The Warrior, Tarzan Boy, Let's Hear It For The Boys) LOL
3. I love Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts. Nothing more than that.
4. I dreamed meaning--- (past, used to) of owning a Chanel bag.
5. I want to buy my husband a Sony 42" Plasma TV (how I wish)
6. I am a pet lover and a frequent pet shop visitor. I used to breed hamsters and sell them to pet shops. Now, I'm into fresh water fishes.
7. I can be bitchy sometimes he!he!he!
8. I wanted to become a flight attendant
9. I love road trips and adventures
10. I am just a simple, shallow person. What you see, hear, and read is what you get. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will pass the Honest Scrap Award to:
Have a blessed week everyone!
Big Warm Hugs!

Weekend Snapshot---In Memory Of A Loving Father

18 January 2009

In Memory Of Emmanuel E. Cruz

September 23, 1945- January 19, 2008

photo taken Loyola Memorial January 18, 2009 7th Day Novena.

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