Call Dad on Father's Day

14 June 2013

In celebration of Father's Day, I am opening our weekend with a tribute for my father/ daddy. KEEP CALM and CALL DAD. Even at this point in my life being married for 9 years, I still look up to my father. I find it wise to ask for his guidance and wisdom on things I'm not sure of. We literally call my dad if my husband and I are in great need for some advice and moral support. The idea that he will always be there for us is very calming...

One of the things I want to share here are the inspiring words by my mother-in-law. Before she went back to America in 2008, she left some words of comfort for her son, my husband... "Dolf, you still have a father in Enchie's dad." Though it may not be the same having your real father around, but the thought  of my dad being present to be a father figure to my other half made it easier for my husband to cope after losing his dad.
Both our parents are there to be good examples. But both have different parts and characteristics to portray. Just like our moms who balances everything at home, our dads are the ones we can get inspiration from on building a strong foundation for the family. Their firm decision- making, their love for sports, their endless adventures and  principles in life...

To all the dads in the world... Happy Father's Day!!!

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