Our 9th In Marriage

05 June 2013

First, let me count the no. of years we've been together. That's 4 years of dating and 9 years bonded by the sacredness of marriage... 13 years. My husband doesn't like counting, but we still tend to have a glimpse back  from the time we first met. It's fun.

Our anniversary was celebrated with a simple feast, quality time spent with family and friends... 9 years ago, I got married to the most important person in my life. He brought me out of my box as a person and showed me  the fun side life can offer. He accepted me for who I am, we clicked and from then on, we both knew that we were meant for each other, decided to marry and have a family.
Within the 4 years of dating, we never really danced or at least had an opportunity to sway in each other's arms. Our wedding gave us our first dance. It is true that while in the arms of the person whom you'll share your life with makes you melt slowly, feeling that I'm being loved even more.

9 years ago, we celebrated with our close friends. People who we now consider as family. Everytime we're all together, we treat each other with laughter, never a dull moment with these guys.
9 years after, we are still having fun. This time, with our loved ones. Each were blessed with happiness and special people who embraces us with so much love and unforgettable memories. We share that with each other as well. Life's lessons, pulling inspiration from one another, seeking advices, enjoying the food we love the most and dreams we're about to live.
Our 9th year anniversary was celebrated with our close friends... Since the very beginning, our friends was already around. If we're to talk about true friendship and love. This is the kind of relationship we have with them.

We don't really spend too much on such occasion, but we still do find simple ways to honor this special moment in our lives. Our celebration was extended with dinner in one of the oldest restaurants in Manila, Barrio Fiesta.
And one extraordinary thing we did this year... we have gifts for each other. 
Both gifts are considered to be as essentials. What an excuse right? Anyway, we seldom buy stuff for ourselves lately, because we're saving for something bigger. But what the heck! while will I turn down a Cath Kidston bag that was ordered all the way from London. The iRig I know is going to be useful for his music, my husband likes to mix and record using his Apple gadgets.

This year's celebration is as simple like our previous anniversaries but extraordinarily fun because we had our friends around and gifts to open. But over- all, it's the lessons learned, our growth as partners and the solid foundation that we are continuing to build for our children that makes up this whole journey. 

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