Summer Affair At Punta De Uian

20 June 2013

Aside from Subic which is a quick getaway for us, Zambales was also our second home the whole summer of 2013. We went to Zambales twice just for the first month of summer. It is a 4 hour drive from Manila, but we  tend to forget about the long road trip once we think of the crystal blue waters of Zambales, its not too crowded beaches and clean resorts.

One of those beach resorts is Punta De Uian.
This first image was taken from our visit during the Holy Week.  It's empty right? when it's expected to be crowded. Nowadays, most Filipinos use the long break from Holy Week for a vacation. My family started going with everyone else when my husband's work became a little hectic. We rely so much on long weekends and holidays to be able to take a break from city life.
Punta De Uian is a resort that offers affordable- fine rooms. The staff/ management of the resort is very accommodating. The sight of the islands of Camara and Capones is already a treat for their guests. They have lounge chairs and tables and tents where one can sit back and relax with the wonderful view.
Punta De Uian has a vast beach front with white sand and cool blue water. The current might be strong at times, but with extra care, swimming in the ocean is still fun.
The whole resort is very clean, not a sign of a candy wrapper. I had fun watching my 2 boys play together. My eldest son loves the beach so much, it's such a thrill for him that this time, his younger brother was around.
The sunset was a bonus attraction. During our first visit this year, we were given a room with a balcony facing the beach. After our afternoon swim, we freshened up, then ate dinner in our balcony while the sun was setting. It was just so-o relaxing... It's soothing to hear the ocean while watching the sunset. Exactly the reason why we went on a getaway.
At night, we had bonfire. Since our room has a balcony, we enjoyed the bonfire without going down to the beach anymore. The kids were sleeping so, my husband and I had some "us time". We were just gazing at the bonfire while having some cool drinks, talking about stuff, life, our blessings and our children.
Mornings in Punta De Uian is peaceful. We love an early morning swim while the water is calm and a bit warm. I wasn't able to ask for some details with regards to the facilities and other amenities of the resort. Everything here is based on our experience. On our next visit to Punta De Uian, we were able to book a room by the lagoon. The lagoon area is walking distance from the beach and it has a swimming pool. It's not that far and a stroll around the resort is as exciting as the beach area because it's beautiful.

We took a lot of pictures by the drive way lined with pine trees. The opposite side of the pine trees are houses with 2 bedrooms (beach front).
As we grow old as parents we want our children to have extraordinary experiences without going overboard when it comes to our expenses. As a kid, I carried memories of my parents taking me to one of the most congested beach resorts in Cavite. I consider those memories unforgettable and one of the happiest moments in my life because I enjoyed, I grilled and I swam like a frog with my parents and siblings.

We just want to be practical on the side. This practice will also help our children as they pass this habit to their own families. As long as the whole family is having fun together, the happiness that will flow among us is good enough to say that we had a grand vacation.

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