The Man of Steel Has Returned

13 June 2013


First off, like everyone else, I grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman. After his series of movies, no other Superman movie impressed me as much. With high hopes, a movie worth watching... the Man of Steel didn't fail to meet my expectations as a movie lover.

I'll make my views about The Man of Steel precise. This post is not a review. I"ll simply share the awesome parts of the movie that I really liked. Scenes and characters that made it different from the rest.
Please be warned...

Costume Design:
All hail that they've finally ditched Superman's manly red trunks :D

The costume design was very simple but it's simplicity will stun you as Superman shows off his moves and muscles. It added life to the fight scenes, it made the character look intimidating. The combination of deep red and dark blue was perfect. The cape showed great elegance and power as it waves with the wind.

The rest of the cast especially the villains got the same treatment with their costumes. In Filipino term, we call it "astig!" awesome or cool...

The best part of the new Superman movie is the story line. Superman's life before and and when he became "Superman". The Man of Steel concentrated in the core of Superman's identity both as an alien to planet earth and his adaptation as human. For the first time, I was able to understand the roots of Superman, the reasons for his whole his existence.

Humanity and being a Being of this world/ Philosophical: There were lines spoken that was filled with wisdom. And talk about one's principles put to a test.
Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner): "You're not just anyone. One day, you're going to have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, it's going to change the world" 

On Love and Hope:
It wasn't just a love story. I like the fact that they gave a new take on Lois Lane's contributions to in the life of Superman. You will find a firm and brave Lois in this movie. She was there to give hope as to what the S symbol means. She showed great respect on the true identity of Clark Kent and also as Superman. Their relationship flourished through the hardships and battles they both encountered. For me, the most important part, is that Lois knows that Clark and Superman are one and the same.

Fatherly Image:
The role of Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner were both very strong. Their characters both have weight in this movie. If we're to talk about family love in general, both fathers had their ways of showing  love, support and compassion, to a point that they sacrificed their lives for him. They taught him values like patience, loyalty, trust, love and being hopeful that later on changed the world and that made Superman a man on his own. It's huge for me that the makers of this movie concentrated on the parental aspect as well.

Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel:
Who would know that the son (Albert Mondego) of the Count of Monte Cristo will grow up as Superman. He carried it with such power and humility. I just learned that he was suppose to star in Superman Returns back in 2006. But with the change of director, it didn't push through. I guess it's a blessing to have given him more time to prepare and give justice "again" to the role of Superman. He did a great job.

Years have come, rumors and talks on the next Superman has been trending... I just thought that it wouldn't be as good just like the 2006 flick with Brandon Routh. The table turned when finally, Christopher Nolan took the job for the story and as the producer for the Man of Steel. 

Nolan known for Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy and The Prestige worked with the director of 300, Sucker Punch, Watchmen Zack Snyder. With these two amazing artists together, there's no doubt that the next Superman flick was made to be another work of art. An epic. And yes, the Man of Steel has returned. As what a friend of ours said "Finally, a Superman movie we truly deserve."- JSP

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