Good Thoughts on Good Things

28 January 2013

The other day and yesterday, I crossed paths with two meaningful messages that came from two important individuals in my life. The first message was from my sister- in-law's email to me and the second one was from a very good friend---Rach.

My sister-in-law is my big sister. I didn't grow up having an older sibling... having her changed everything. One of the things that we do keep in touch aside from our regular talk via Skype, is we email each other. We share stories, our own discoveries from our individual journeys, politics from both sides of the world, movies and even with the latest trends. Like I said, I grew up not having  a big sister whom I could have talked to and shared some of my secrets and stories with as a child and as a teenager. I vent out almost anything to my sister-in-law. She's like an angel who's ready to lend a helping hand and who will always be there to listen. In between, each email and in each conversation we have, my sister-in-law never fails to give encouraging words, inspirational stories, and lessons we can both learn from. Her words of wisdom is something I look forward to all the time.

I want to share it because it is something deep to hold onto and make life better. I did notice how time quickly permits us to get whatever we want. Our WILL to make things happen, sometimes does make those thoughts and things into reality. The whole message says that we should be careful on what we do and for things we wish for. May it be a material thing, thoughts we can't express, wishing someone well or looking into our paths to reaching our goals in life. It is best to think forward and to stay positive all the time, so whatever comes,  in the end, we bring peace to ourselves and we spread it to the people around us as well. 

The goodness radiating from us is enough to say that we have reached our dream, it doesn't matter if I'm poor as long as I make others happy. Did you ever experience when you wanted something so bad... but as went through the process of acquiring that thing, you helped someone else? Then suddenly, you forget about that thing you wanted? I did, and I'm living that situation almost everyday. It's one of the secrets why we, stay at home moms, are always happy, smiling even if we don't get anything in return. Even if we wear the same clothes everyday, even if we don't earn money, even if sometimes, we're taken for granted. 

Moving on, thinking of good things, will make losing, fear, defeat and sadness vanish.

This second set of inspiring words was from my friend Rach. I met Rach through my husband. Rachel is one of my most valued friends (I bet she doesn't know that :D). I share so much laughter with her, she's very honest, patient and of course sweet and nice. Rachel is a person full with goodness.
Yesterday, I saw this post on her Facebook wall. I come across this message several times, like, in my whole life. But everytime I see these words, it feels like it's always my first time to cross paths with it. Just a thought: maybe because everyday, we encounter different individuals that may cause damage to our lives. If there are people radiating goodness, definitely, there are those who look for mistakes and those who can bring negative vibes in full force. It's something we can't get rid of.

What can we do about it? For some, they will probably stay away from those individuals causing the conflict. Others, can simply dance around it and hold onto to those words above. Or, find something good in it, help those causing the trouble and spreading hatred. Respect each other.

I found being a full time mother a blessing. Socially, yes, I'm drained... zero. The good part, since I mingle with less people, I'm not expose to anyone who can bring harmful thoughts towards me and my family. At the same time, I still have friends whom I can trust and share some good moments with.

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