Our Christmas Story 2012

03 January 2013

Instead of making individual posts of our activities from our Christmas and New Years celebration, let me sum up everything through this entry. 
Our whole celebration from the recent holidays was fun.  All fell into place, everything was amazing that I have to consider 2012 as the best year for me and my family. Let's start with the events we spent with our relatives and friends.

The People
With the previous years, we weren't able to gather everyone to celebrate the holidays with us. Maybe few of our friends and since my husband's family and relatives are all in America, a visit from one of them is a big blessing. 2012 became began by arranging a Christmas get together with my husband's only cousin who's here in the Philippines, Perry and his family. We had pot luck, enjoyed some wine and of course, exchange of gifts.
Then, on Christmas Eve, we visited Tito Mel, my husband's uncle, the younger brother of my late father- in-law. It's our first Christmas with Tito Mel, so every minute, every second and every hour spent with him is special. Tito Mel is like a dad to me and my husband.
On Christmas Day, my cousin Soqui,  I call her Ate Che joined our celebration. It has been a year since our last bonding time. It was nice to be with her again and as always, every moment with Ate Che is filled with laughter. Love you big sis!
After Christmas, we were able to spend some quality time with our close friends. The evening began with dinner, a long and meaningful conversation about life, family and faith, a quick food photo op I did for Ricky and Janel's food business, more wine and a fun game of Taboo.

The Feast
The Holidays is also about the feast we share with our loved ones. With our potlucks, my husband and I brought Pancit Malabon, Lechon Kawali and Roasted Chicken in most of the gatherings we attended. How I wish I was able to cook, but with the short period of time and of course we all end up exhausted, I had to skip and buy food instead.

For our Noche Buena, I prepared simple dishes (it's the picture on the upper left of the collage). My husband and Frankie requested for some Spaghetti with meat sauce and grilled liempo. Then I added some slices from the holiday ham we bought, our favorite Decadent Brownies from S&R and fruit salad for dessert. When it comes to preparing food on ocassions such as Christmas, I rely so much on what my family wants so we can all enjoy our food and at the same time, reward myself with their happy faces as they feast on their favorites.
On Christmas Day, we had a small celebration for Mikee's birthday. We cooked some Homemade Embutido, Breaded Chicken Cutlets, Filipino Style Spaghetti, some pastries and  Mikee's cake c/o his Lolo and Lola.
That evening, we  were joined by our relatives from my mother's side. Of course we feasted on more food. We cooked Penne Chicken Pasta, Homemade Embutido, Lechon Kawali & Tofu, 3 Mushrooms & Kangkong, Macaroni Salad, Fruit Salad and a cake this time for Jesus.

The Presents

Christmas will never be complete if we don't give and receive gifts. Most of the stuff we got are for our entertainment pleasures. As for me, I got an additional gift--- a nice set from the Marley Jammin Collection. I first saw and heard about it on The Ellen Show and that was back in 2011. When they've finally released it here, I know I'll get to own one, and my husband bought it for me as a Christmas present.
We also received some games to enjoy (in another post). My 2 little boys got so much, everything is piled up on top of the shelf. To our family and friends,  thank you...

In Thanksgiving
As for me and my family... we will always be grateful for all the blessings that comes our way each day. From the simple dish we eat everyday, the moment my husband arrives to work and at home safely, for my children's milestones, a hug from our pet Beagle Emo, the smiles and hellos we receive... All these makes us feel as if we are in celebration everyday.

God is Great!

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