Thank You 2012...

04 January 2013

Our New Year celebration was spent at my parents'. We arrived around lunch and spent the rest of the day bonding, preparing for our New Year's dinner. As we wave goodbye to a good year, we also welcomed a colorful one. One of the highlights everytime we celebrate New Years at my parents' is the display of fireworks that we don't even need to light our own because they're everywhere.
I've always look at fireworks as a symbol of luck, abundance and the fact that it is colorful, I interpret it as something pleasant---  I connect it as something positive that will make a person prosper.
2012 was too good that it's impossible to end the world just like that. It was full with adventures.  Part of that are the risks my husband and I took to improve our family life and to grow and be at our best as parents. With our second child around, life has given us a greater view on what it is all about.

I'm glad that we didn't go through anything that may have become harmful to our family. 2012 was all about giving and making sacrifices.
With those sacrifices, we ended the year with a big bang. I say BIG, something wonderful took place before the year came to an end. As much as I want to share it now, I've decided to wait until everything is all set, perfect for viewing ;D I sure got the most expensive gift ever ;D  I can say that yes, we have reached our main goal as we bid farewell to 2012 thankful and as we say hello to another year in full blast!


Beth said...

May I guess what your most expensive gift ever is?! Is it a trip abroad? Hehehe. Naku wala talaga akong idea. Nanghuhula lang ako. :) I'll just wait for your post regarding it, Enchie.

I will say this again and again: God really has blessed you with such a closely-knit family. The laughter, smiles on your faces say it all. Happy New Year to you and your family!

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

Happy New Year!!!Let us all welcome the 2013 with a positive outlook and so much enthusiasm. :)