Something Funny or Something on the Head

21 January 2013

Over the recent Holidays, one of the highlights of our celebration was to come up with something funny to wear or at least a hairpiece or something on the head. I gotta say this has got to be one of our hilarious take before 2012 ended. I was surprised with what my siblings prepared. I thought no one's going to exert effort since it was our first time to set a theme for our Christmas party. I gotta hand it to them, especially to Ella (angel) and Nino (Pinoy Superman).

Ella with her handmade angel wings.
My son Frankie and my husband who came as Ironman and Capt. America.
My boys were very lucky that some friends gave them some masks of The Avengers heroes. We didn't spend on anything. The Ironman chest piece of Frankie was a gift from his birthday last year.
As for me, I didn't prepare anything at all. I was very busy. Good thing that the theme tapped not only on  "something funny" but also "something on the head". I borrowed this Enchanted Kingdom hat from my sister.
My sister Les had something on her head too, and she made it.
My brother Ver captured everyone's attention with his funny glasses.
Lastly, the highlight of our evening: My youngest brother as a Pinoy version of Superman. I'm really proud of him because he didn't spend so much on his costume. He told us that he went through "tiangge" shops for cheap items. He also came up with old clothes and reused items. It reminded me of best penny stocks. In cases like these, we need to be resourceful. With amazement, we thought of following my brother's footsteps. On our next costume party, it's best to be creative by not spending too much. It's more fun and it's very rewarding to find oneself thinking that you were able to create something fun and entertaining by not shedding too much cash.

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