Music To My Ears: Making Room For Our Music CDs

01 February 2013

Usually, I get rid of our old stuff every time I do some general cleaning. Clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, kitchenware. But during my last cleaning session, I took out our old original music CDs and found room for them to be displayed and to be listened to once again. 

I grew up exposed to music.

1. My dad is an excellent piano player.
2. Both my brothers are good guitar players, bass and lead. And one of them can sing by the way.
3. My dearest husband is a very good jazz guitar player as well as an over-all musician.

Other than these, with me, my brothers and my husband growing in the 90's, we got exposed to the sound of the Alternative genre. I had a collection of cassettes. Then, we slowly shifted to the era of music CDs.

Being with musicians, knowing some famous music writers and bands, we developed a relationship with the music industry with full respect and promised ourselves to buy original CDs both OPM and foreign. 

For the past months, my husband and I have been in search for original CDs. Hard to find Alternative albums. We met with several online sellers. Some offered a pretty nasty price for over-used CDs, with cracked CD casing and scratched discs. But there was this one seller, a collector of music CDs. He owns a total of 5000 CDs, not counting the ones he already sold. When we found out that he's a collector, we knew that the stuff he's selling are in good condition and we were right. His price ranges from 250- 400php depending on the genre, title and condition of the CD itself. Most of the CDs featured in the photo above were bought from this online seller. Feels like we hit a gold mine of rare music CDs or at least the ones that are not available in record bars anymore.

Right now, I'm still in process, making room for more music CDs. Writing a new list of titles to be ordered :D We're also in search of a vintage record player. We found one and it comes with cute set of speakers. Still thinking about it though...

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