It's Mikee's 1st Birthday!

Happy, happy Birthday to our little munchkin!
The moment you came out of this world 122111, we knew that 122112 is not going to be "the end". But  it is going to be a day filled with life and more love. We can't wait for Christmas as we celebrate your 1st year with the birth of our Christ The Savior.

Christmas Rush

It's that time of the month when I have to finish everything before hitting the eve of Christmas. Apparently, my son's school decided to stretch the number of school days for this month making December 21 as their last day before going on vacation. That gives me 2 days to finalize things such as gifts, food for our pot luck both with families and friends and even materials needed for wrapping gifts and printing greeting cards. A discount toner would come in handy.

Hopefully, this is going to be the last update I'm going to make simply thinking that everything is all set for the Holidays. In addition, we considered giving away wine and chocolates.

This was very sudden. Good thing my husband knew the pressure getting everything labeled, he  included paper bags for each. We have already given out some and these are the stuff left for us.
Preparing for the Holidays can be tiresome and exhausting at times... but it sure is fun and worth it just thinking about the happy faces of those close to hearts.

My Love For Preparing Gifts for Christmas

12 December 2012

One of the best part that I enjoy as I prepare our gifts for our loved ones this for the upcoming holidays is wrapping gifts. I'm not really good at it, but I really, really love it. Especially when it comes to choosing wrappers and color motifs. I made this post because my gift wrapping experience this year turned out differently. Geez... I don't know what's happening to me. For some reason, I lost my knowledge on how to make paper bags and I bought gifts that were all meant to be wrapped in paper bags. So I went online and searched for videos on paper bag making.  Even if my finished product didn't turn out as nice, well, at least it's still something presentable, the paper bag tutorial helped.
Anyway, this year for my theme, instead of limiting our motif with one or two colors,  I thought of mixing most shades of Christmas. Red, Green, White, Silver and wrappers that has cute Christmas designs, from gift wrappers to Christmas tags.

I used to add ribbons and even use metallic wrappers for my gifts. But with what I've come up with this year, I loved the combination of colors. It's very simple, yet it brings joy just by looking at it. By the way,  my son Frankie helped me with most of them :D  When a gift is wrapped with something colorful and vibrant, kids love it, makes gift- giving more fun and exciting.
For our giveaways, aside from homemade dark chocolate- coated walnuts (which I'm bound to make next week), my husband and I agreed to give out something useful for the home. We used native bags from Kultura to pack the goods together and silver tags for our sweet messages. I won't tell what's inside the bags because some of our friends pay this blog a visit, we don't wanna spoil the surprise you guys ;D

We Rode The Giant Wheel!

11 December 2012

We had fun with our friends over at Star City this weekend. It has been years since my last visit to Star City. With my family's recent visit, we were surprised by the changes Star City prepared for their patrons. One of the highlights of our visit was to ride the highest ferris wheel in the Philippines.  Star City's ferris wheel holds the record for it. At first, we didn't really know that it is the highest ferris wheel in the country. Along the way, we saw the ferris wheel from afar, thought it's something new--- so hey, let's ride that one!
Once we were in front, under and at the side of this amazing ferris wheel... we were blown away by its size. It's humongous!
It was a very relaxing experience. The wheel continuously turns but the speed is just enough for the people to go in and out of the gondolas safely. 
There are 32 air-conditioned gondolas. So when I mentioned relaxing, riding The Giant Wheel sure is perfect to take some time- off from the rest of the heart-pounding rides in the amusement park.
The height of The Giant Wheel is 60 meters equivalent to a 16- story building.  One of the things that scares me with ferris wheels is when it reaches the top part and with a tiny move, the gondola starts swinging... I hate that. But with Star City's Giant Wheel, it's high, but you will not feel the gondola move, swing or shake once on top.
View from our gondola--- a busy Star City.

It's Beginning To Look & Feel A Lot Like Christmas

04 December 2012

Aside from the fresh pine tree, the house is sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations... The Holy Family has always been the center of our celebration...
Gift wrapping is almost done. Most of the presents are for the kids, our relatives and close friends. This year, I had most toys wrapped ahead in the toy store. We're very lucky that the toys in our list went on sale.
And someone got an early Christmas present...
The new iPod Touch!
 Some people think there's not much difference, I say, there is, especially if you're a photo enthusiast. We have a 4th generation iPod Touch we've clearly noticed the difference between the 2 and it's worth it.
*Need time to make a review though, because an iPad mini might join the club too =D
This year, I noticed that we have been giving out Christmas presents in advance ;) or maybe it's just the thought that, personally, when the cool mornings, afternoon and evenings started, I know Christmas is just around the corner. Even as a child, Christmas has always been about presents, cool weather, Christmas carols and lots of happy faces.

An Advance Christmas Present for Our Mom & Dad!

03 December 2012

 The 8ft. Douglas Fresh Christmas Tree Has Finally Arrived
Eversince we were kids, my mom would often tell me and siblings that one of her dreams is to celebrate Christmas with a fresh Christmas tree in our very own home. Most of us would dream of a white Christmas--- in winter clothing, making snowman and angels... but for my mom, having a tall fresh pine tree is enough to make the Holidays extra special and memorable.

The Philippines being a tropical country can make it look like it's impossible to maintain such Christmas decor. As I was researching on how fresh pine trees would survive in our country, I found out that all you'll need are the proper materials such as a tree stand built to preserve the tree itself and plant preservative to make the freshness last.

3 months ago, I was planning something with my siblings. We thought of giving our parents a special gift this Christmas. I suggested for the Douglas Fresh Tree. I remembered the days when my mom shared her love for it. So, all 5 of us (my siblings) agreed to purchase one as a surprise for our parents.
Next thing we know... Project Douglas Fir Tree was in progress.

The only store that sell the coolest and the most beautiful pine tree I've seen is S&R.   It got a little complicated when we found out that the tree is not going to be delivered and we have to get it ourselves. So to make things easier, since my mom is also a member at S&R, we took her to place the order herself. Prior to that, we prepared a Christmas card with our messages and we included the money for the tree. She was clueless until she read the card. Right there and then she cried,  she was speechless, and my dad kept on calling her because he knows that we will unveil the surprise to our mom. When they finally got to talk, both were laughing and giggling with excitement.
November 30, 2012 we received a call that tree is already available for pick-up. My dad and mom took time to get the Christmas tree and to be able to choose for themelves. They weren't able to take pictures, but here's the scenario. S&R had 6 trees between 7-8ft in height displayed. Of course, the first ones will get the best. Good thing we placed our order early, we were notified as soon as the trees came in. My parents were able to take home an 8ft tree and the freshest.
At home, a corner was prepared. When I saw it, I was mesmerized, it was captivating and come tho think of it, I'm just looking at a plain tree, a bare one, what more when it's already decorated :D My mom's thinking on what decorations she'll put.
Aside from the plant preservative included, S&R also shared some pratical ways to preserve the tree.
The most important thing is to make sure that the tree stand has water everyday. The location of our house, our area itself has a cool climate almost all-year round that's why we didn't have second thoughts on purchasing one.
It made our living room more beautiful. Can't wait for Christmas!

Another dream came true...

The Douglas Fir Tree is being sold at any S&R branches for P3,800-Tree stand and plant preservative are not included. (for details: visit the nearest S&R branch)
We placed our order a month ahead so we can also get the tree stand and plant preservative that will come with the tree itself.
8ft. Douglas Fir Tree: straight from Oregon, USA.