My Love For Preparing Gifts for Christmas

12 December 2012

One of the best part that I enjoy as I prepare our gifts for our loved ones this for the upcoming holidays is wrapping gifts. I'm not really good at it, but I really, really love it. Especially when it comes to choosing wrappers and color motifs. I made this post because my gift wrapping experience this year turned out differently. Geez... I don't know what's happening to me. For some reason, I lost my knowledge on how to make paper bags and I bought gifts that were all meant to be wrapped in paper bags. So I went online and searched for videos on paper bag making.  Even if my finished product didn't turn out as nice, well, at least it's still something presentable, the paper bag tutorial helped.
Anyway, this year for my theme, instead of limiting our motif with one or two colors,  I thought of mixing most shades of Christmas. Red, Green, White, Silver and wrappers that has cute Christmas designs, from gift wrappers to Christmas tags.

I used to add ribbons and even use metallic wrappers for my gifts. But with what I've come up with this year, I loved the combination of colors. It's very simple, yet it brings joy just by looking at it. By the way,  my son Frankie helped me with most of them :D  When a gift is wrapped with something colorful and vibrant, kids love it, makes gift- giving more fun and exciting.
For our giveaways, aside from homemade dark chocolate- coated walnuts (which I'm bound to make next week), my husband and I agreed to give out something useful for the home. We used native bags from Kultura to pack the goods together and silver tags for our sweet messages. I won't tell what's inside the bags because some of our friends pay this blog a visit, we don't wanna spoil the surprise you guys ;D

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