An Advance Christmas Present for Our Mom & Dad!

03 December 2012

 The 8ft. Douglas Fresh Christmas Tree Has Finally Arrived
Eversince we were kids, my mom would often tell me and siblings that one of her dreams is to celebrate Christmas with a fresh Christmas tree in our very own home. Most of us would dream of a white Christmas--- in winter clothing, making snowman and angels... but for my mom, having a tall fresh pine tree is enough to make the Holidays extra special and memorable.

The Philippines being a tropical country can make it look like it's impossible to maintain such Christmas decor. As I was researching on how fresh pine trees would survive in our country, I found out that all you'll need are the proper materials such as a tree stand built to preserve the tree itself and plant preservative to make the freshness last.

3 months ago, I was planning something with my siblings. We thought of giving our parents a special gift this Christmas. I suggested for the Douglas Fresh Tree. I remembered the days when my mom shared her love for it. So, all 5 of us (my siblings) agreed to purchase one as a surprise for our parents.
Next thing we know... Project Douglas Fir Tree was in progress.

The only store that sell the coolest and the most beautiful pine tree I've seen is S&R.   It got a little complicated when we found out that the tree is not going to be delivered and we have to get it ourselves. So to make things easier, since my mom is also a member at S&R, we took her to place the order herself. Prior to that, we prepared a Christmas card with our messages and we included the money for the tree. She was clueless until she read the card. Right there and then she cried,  she was speechless, and my dad kept on calling her because he knows that we will unveil the surprise to our mom. When they finally got to talk, both were laughing and giggling with excitement.
November 30, 2012 we received a call that tree is already available for pick-up. My dad and mom took time to get the Christmas tree and to be able to choose for themelves. They weren't able to take pictures, but here's the scenario. S&R had 6 trees between 7-8ft in height displayed. Of course, the first ones will get the best. Good thing we placed our order early, we were notified as soon as the trees came in. My parents were able to take home an 8ft tree and the freshest.
At home, a corner was prepared. When I saw it, I was mesmerized, it was captivating and come tho think of it, I'm just looking at a plain tree, a bare one, what more when it's already decorated :D My mom's thinking on what decorations she'll put.
Aside from the plant preservative included, S&R also shared some pratical ways to preserve the tree.
The most important thing is to make sure that the tree stand has water everyday. The location of our house, our area itself has a cool climate almost all-year round that's why we didn't have second thoughts on purchasing one.
It made our living room more beautiful. Can't wait for Christmas!

Another dream came true...

The Douglas Fir Tree is being sold at any S&R branches for P3,800-Tree stand and plant preservative are not included. (for details: visit the nearest S&R branch)
We placed our order a month ahead so we can also get the tree stand and plant preservative that will come with the tree itself.
8ft. Douglas Fir Tree: straight from Oregon, USA.

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