It's Beginning To Look & Feel A Lot Like Christmas

04 December 2012

Aside from the fresh pine tree, the house is sparkling with Christmas lights and decorations... The Holy Family has always been the center of our celebration...
Gift wrapping is almost done. Most of the presents are for the kids, our relatives and close friends. This year, I had most toys wrapped ahead in the toy store. We're very lucky that the toys in our list went on sale.
And someone got an early Christmas present...
The new iPod Touch!
 Some people think there's not much difference, I say, there is, especially if you're a photo enthusiast. We have a 4th generation iPod Touch we've clearly noticed the difference between the 2 and it's worth it.
*Need time to make a review though, because an iPad mini might join the club too =D
This year, I noticed that we have been giving out Christmas presents in advance ;) or maybe it's just the thought that, personally, when the cool mornings, afternoon and evenings started, I know Christmas is just around the corner. Even as a child, Christmas has always been about presents, cool weather, Christmas carols and lots of happy faces.

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