We Rode The Giant Wheel!

11 December 2012

We had fun with our friends over at Star City this weekend. It has been years since my last visit to Star City. With my family's recent visit, we were surprised by the changes Star City prepared for their patrons. One of the highlights of our visit was to ride the highest ferris wheel in the Philippines.  Star City's ferris wheel holds the record for it. At first, we didn't really know that it is the highest ferris wheel in the country. Along the way, we saw the ferris wheel from afar, thought it's something new--- so hey, let's ride that one!
Once we were in front, under and at the side of this amazing ferris wheel... we were blown away by its size. It's humongous!
It was a very relaxing experience. The wheel continuously turns but the speed is just enough for the people to go in and out of the gondolas safely. 
There are 32 air-conditioned gondolas. So when I mentioned relaxing, riding The Giant Wheel sure is perfect to take some time- off from the rest of the heart-pounding rides in the amusement park.
The height of The Giant Wheel is 60 meters equivalent to a 16- story building.  One of the things that scares me with ferris wheels is when it reaches the top part and with a tiny move, the gondola starts swinging... I hate that. But with Star City's Giant Wheel, it's high, but you will not feel the gondola move, swing or shake once on top.
View from our gondola--- a busy Star City.

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