From 2 to 1 to 0 Front Teeth

28 July 2011

My son bids farewell to his favorite set of teeth... His 2 front teeth has made a mark throughout his childhood for they were the first ones to come out when he was still a baby. Unusual his pediatrician told us, because normally, the first set of teeth of a child comes out from the bottom first. 
My son lost his first front tooth during an accident. We were at the wake of his grandfather, around 4 am in the morning, his aunt and uncle arrived from America, to his surprise and excitement, he stayed up the whole time playing with them and maybe because he was already a little sleepy, he accidentally bumped a chair made of hard wood. For us parents, we were so scared when it happened because the bleeding didn't stop until the doctors at St. Lukes took care of him. Gladly, nothing serious was done. They cleaned his gums and found out that his right front tooth was loosened by the bump and that's it. The doctor's advise was to wait for it to fall off than to pull it out. And in a few days, his precious front tooth fell off by itself while he was eating.
From 2
to 1
We kept the tooth that fell off. When he's much older, I know that he'll never fail to remember this part of his life. From losing his first front tooth, I noticed that my son was very conscious on keeping the other front one. I mean, a few years after, the other front tooth started to move too... One time, I saw my son fixing that only front tooth left. Everytime he eats it goes out of position, so using his index finger, he pushes it back to place. But we all know that at the age of 6 years, every tooth is just temporary. So eventually, his other front tooth fell off...
to nothing...
I told him not to worry, because another set will grow back, but this time, he really needs to take care of it, because it is going to be permanent. I say that this experience with my son was one of the funniest and amusing part. Even if I'm older, I will never forget his precious 2 front teeth.

Formally Introducing Emo

23 July 2011

A few months ago I shared about the passing of our first Beagle named ”Coco”. Just before Coco died, we bought Emo.

EMO: because of the instant eyeliner-like shade around his eyes. 

Emo is a tri-color, male, compact Beagle. Compact Beagles are smaller and shorter than Standard sized Beagles. Based on our experience, compact beagles like Emo are easier to maintain and to handle. 

As I was going through some old pictures of Emo last night, I found some images that somehow slipped my eyes before, snapshots worth sharing. I really love this dog. When my son started spending the whole day in school, my only companion here at home is Emo. This Beagle is loved and cherished as an addition to our family.
Emo brings so much comfort and joy. There are times when we get mad at him, especially when he munches on something we know can be bad for him. But even if we get mad, he will just give us "the look" with his tail down, then he will slowly walk towards us then he'll rub his body against our legs, I can't explain the feeling. What I just described melts our hearts all the time. He's like a cat for that matter. He's going to make you love him more.
Beagles are one of the breeds that's perfect to have indoors. They don't shed as much, trainable dog, playful and loves to hang around with his masters all the time. Like any dog, beagles are also open for sickness. Most of the time, indigestion or bacterial infection. At 3 months, Emo suffered from severe bacterial infection. Good thing that he has a very good veterinarian. Within a day or 2, vet Sheng was able to get rid of the unwanted bacterias and from then on, we're able to keep Emo healthy. Emo likes to munch on things. Like literally anything he sees lying on the floor. It's best for pet owners to take responsibility on cleaning and clearing their floors all the time.
Emo turned 7 months 2 weeks ago. I'm very happy that he is not as prone to any other doggy sickness. I really make it a point that his area is clean and well sanitized. Many have asked about Emo's food maintenance. There are different types of dog food being sold in the market. A word of advise taken from fellow pet owners: as early as a pup, never let your dog get used to expensive dog food so you can always adjust in some cases you can't afford to buy anymore and stick to one kind as much as possible. Emo's food is the mid-priced dog food sold in almost all pet shops here in the Philippines. But if one can afford premium dog food, why not right?
Emo while waiting for Vet Sheng
For months, I've witness this dog change as he venture on becoming an adult beagle. 
Man, I can't imagine a day without Emo. He is such a playful dog and a very sweet one too.

I'm actually preparing him for Mercato Centrale's Doggie Love Launch for August. I know he's going to love it!

Our Car's Repair Pal

After getting married, one of the things that my husband and I planned to invest on was a brand new car. But when my father-in-law passed away, his old Honda car was immediately given to us. It is a Honda Civic. Through friends and further research, I discovered how manageable Honda cars are. So without second thoughts, my husband and I decided to keep the money for a brand new car, and settled with my father-in-law's old Honda Civic. Considering that it's an old model, maintenance has never been a problem for us. Even online, we were able to find shops that caters to old car models, like As you enter the website, you will be able to get repair estimates, car maintenance advises and reviews from fellow customers.

We love our Honda Civic. Maybe for some car owners, something old is worth selling, but for us, as long as it is running smoothly and with the availability of car repair shops as good and accurate as, every old car is worth keeping. The maintenance price doesn't matter at all. Even with a brand new car, the moment you decide to purchase one, make sure that as an owner, you are also ready for the maintenance waiting throughout the car's lifetime.

At every vehicle is well taken cared of. One of our main concern is the regular engine oil and filter change. As explained at, engine oil lubricates and removes heat from internal engine components. The oil filter removes harmful deposits from the engine oil, preventing them from being circulated throughout the engine. With our experience, with timely engine and filter oil change, the car runs smoothly and the engine is very quiet. 

Old or new, cars are supposed to be loved like nurturing a family member. With proper care and knowledge, your favorite car will never let you down.

Where's The Baby Bump?

22 July 2011

How come your tummy's not getting any bigger?
Where's the baby bump?
Are you really pregnant?

At 3 months 3 weeks, I give you my dear readers... a glimpse of my proud baby bump.

These are the frequently asked questions when it comes to proof if I am pregnant. Not that they don't believe that I'm pregnant. It's just the fact that they all want to see me with a bulging tummy again. Comparing, my baby bump is bigger now also considering the no. of months. With my first child, my baby bump didn't show until I was on my 4th month. 

When I found out that I am pregnant with my second child, one of the things that made me pretty excited was the thought that I'll be going through the whole process that defined me as a mother. Yes, it is a challenging role, with all the physical discomforts. But that's just physical, the thing that matters is the inner growth of both  mother and child.

Pregnancy is a unique way to define womanhood. Bearing a child is the most rewarding gift ever given to me by God. If you're gifted with it, embrace it with all your heart and cherish it for the rest of your life. Yes it's true, life will never be the same once a child is born... Well, that's all for the perfect reason that LIFE is going to be more colorful and meaningful.

Friendship I'll Treasure For Life

20 July 2011

When it comes to friends, I only have a handful. Friends are like precious gems for me. Rare and very delicate. And just like a treasure piece, they should be real inside and out. I treasure my relationship with these people because I found my precious gems within them. Hearts filled with joy, love, sincerity and honesty.  My childhood friends.
 I can say that we never really experienced anything sad or bad that would harm our connections as friends for decades. We all grew up together in a quiet village in Taytay, Rizal. Each has his and her own stories as a child, a teenager and now, as a 30 year old. All our families are closely knit. A visit at another's house feels like we never left our very own homes.
Our worlds became 1 when we all joined the chapel choir. I think I was just 12 years old back then. From then on, our relationship bloomed even more from being just friends to being the best of pals. As for me, everyone knows my story. I opened my life to these people because they're my family too.
With my Dad
Due to work, raising up our own families, and distance of our present locations, we seldom see each other nowadays. After being on bed rest for a whole week, I started a new day with a reunion with my best pals. Our friend Kara who now lives in China came home for a quick vacation. We all took this opportunity to see each other again.
It was a happy reunion. Though the group wasn't complete, we can't call it a "grand reunion". We have more friends living in other countries. Maybe one day, when everyone decides to come home in the Philippines all at the same time, that will definitely be the most memorable. But for now, for us still here, hopefully, we can plan a monthly get together or at least, an activity we can share every other month.

Through the years, each remained true to each other. Memories with my friends are all filled with happiness, unforgettable, including embarrassing yet, fun moments. We never frown at life, we only know how to smile and laugh at it.
Hurray for True Friends!

An Intriguing Remark

19 July 2011

So I was having a fun weekend, when come Monday, I saw some comments online which were a little intriguing. It was all posted on my FB page. 

It was for an album with my childhood friends. To describe the pictures, it was a fun memory for me. I was reunited with my close friends, we shared exciting stories of what has become of our lives. But for some, it was an opportunity to ask intriguing questions. Statements that are not necessary anymore. I know everyone's just joking around, but I felt awkward and weird about it, maybe because I found malice hidden within those statements.

Whatever you just said or whatever you just typed using that keyboard, the words that just came out defined you as a person.

I try to live my life as simple as possible. I have a number of people in my life to trust, I hope they don't waste the friendship I treasure with them just by making intriguing remarks.

If you find this as an exaggerated reaction, respect it. I was thinking, that these intriguing remarks were based on some stories from the past. I know they're just making fun of me. Anyway, to finish off,  those stories they may find amusing has always remained where I left them years ago.

To my friends, let's move forward. We have work, we have kids to feed, our families to spend time with,  utilities to pay, we have our lives to deal with everyday. I don't really have time for "intriga or chismis" anymore. Life is different now...

Our Enchanted Kingdom Visit 2011

12 July 2011

It's been months since our visit to Enchanted Kingdom this year. Summer will never be complete without it. In 2010, we went back twice in about a month. This year, since we have Baler, we decided to stick to one. 
Our EK visit for 2011 was extraordinary. We rode rides we never tried before like the
1.  EKstreme Tower Ride you need to experience this in order to say that EK met the qualifications of any known amusement park around the globe. This ride may look so ordinary...ride it, and get blown away.
2. and RioGrande Rapids
The experience was dynamic and fun.
RioGrande is one of my favorite rides. I didn't have a extra clothes with me, but I took the chance expecting that I'll get wet. I got drenched from waist to bottom. It was great!
To complete my EK moment, it's a must that I take a glimpse of this lovely angle of the Wheel of Fate. Our resting place is just right beside the Wheel of Fate. This area in Enchanted Kingdom relaxes me, especially when the day was spent with extreme activities. So there you go, our Enchanted Kingdom Experience for 2011. I wonder what's up for 2012? I know it's going to be extra special again because I will be spending it with my "kids". I heard that Enchanted Kingdom Biki Waterworld Waterpark is already open ;)

Milestones of Motherhood--- Mixed Thoughts and Feelings

Right now, I don't really know how to start this entry. You know that feeling when you want to pour out some thoughts, but when you're at it, your mind goes blank. That's what's been happening to me lately, which resulted why this blog is a little empty. 

With that short introduction, it heated my mind a bit, so here I am and finally, I'm done with the first trimester of my pregnancy. I've been on bed rest for one whole week, because right at the very first week of this month, I had an emergency that placed my baby's life in danger. First time it happened to me, I wasn't expecting it, but it was already a familiar sight because same thing happened to my mom before. I will not be specific of the incident that took place, all that's important now is the baby's safe and healthy.

I was brought up to be a strong person inside and out. I must admit, I thought I was still as strong as before, but if we're to talk about my own family, it is going to be a different story. The stress level of what I just went through both physically and emotionally was pretty high. Again, it was my first to experience to get all emotional and helpless at the same time. But...
When extreme sacrifice is set to happen, God will always give someone filled with compassion to take care of everything.

And I found comfort in the loving arms of my boys... My husband and my little boy. We all went through this challenge together, side by side, hand in hand. 

If you're going to ask me, I am perfectly fine right now.  I can do my regular chores again, provided, I must limit myself until the baby's out. I missed playing with our Beagle, but now, I'm playing with Emo again. It's been raining, but it didn't stop me from seeing Transformers: Dark of The Moon over the weekend. I got a new theme for my Blackberry. I have been collecting the new set of Coca-Cola glasses from McDonald's. I went shopping for maternity clothes... I'm blogging again... I'll be seeing my friends this coming weekend and we're going to spend time in our new house. 

Things are very much back to normal.

To our families, friends and to my fellow bloggers... Thank you... your messages uplifted me and my family throughout this trial. 

To The One above, it may be one of life's challenges, but we are still thankful. You made us stronger, You showed the way and gave us a better and more positive outlook in life...