Formally Introducing Emo

23 July 2011

A few months ago I shared about the passing of our first Beagle named ”Coco”. Just before Coco died, we bought Emo.

EMO: because of the instant eyeliner-like shade around his eyes. 

Emo is a tri-color, male, compact Beagle. Compact Beagles are smaller and shorter than Standard sized Beagles. Based on our experience, compact beagles like Emo are easier to maintain and to handle. 

As I was going through some old pictures of Emo last night, I found some images that somehow slipped my eyes before, snapshots worth sharing. I really love this dog. When my son started spending the whole day in school, my only companion here at home is Emo. This Beagle is loved and cherished as an addition to our family.
Emo brings so much comfort and joy. There are times when we get mad at him, especially when he munches on something we know can be bad for him. But even if we get mad, he will just give us "the look" with his tail down, then he will slowly walk towards us then he'll rub his body against our legs, I can't explain the feeling. What I just described melts our hearts all the time. He's like a cat for that matter. He's going to make you love him more.
Beagles are one of the breeds that's perfect to have indoors. They don't shed as much, trainable dog, playful and loves to hang around with his masters all the time. Like any dog, beagles are also open for sickness. Most of the time, indigestion or bacterial infection. At 3 months, Emo suffered from severe bacterial infection. Good thing that he has a very good veterinarian. Within a day or 2, vet Sheng was able to get rid of the unwanted bacterias and from then on, we're able to keep Emo healthy. Emo likes to munch on things. Like literally anything he sees lying on the floor. It's best for pet owners to take responsibility on cleaning and clearing their floors all the time.
Emo turned 7 months 2 weeks ago. I'm very happy that he is not as prone to any other doggy sickness. I really make it a point that his area is clean and well sanitized. Many have asked about Emo's food maintenance. There are different types of dog food being sold in the market. A word of advise taken from fellow pet owners: as early as a pup, never let your dog get used to expensive dog food so you can always adjust in some cases you can't afford to buy anymore and stick to one kind as much as possible. Emo's food is the mid-priced dog food sold in almost all pet shops here in the Philippines. But if one can afford premium dog food, why not right?
Emo while waiting for Vet Sheng
For months, I've witness this dog change as he venture on becoming an adult beagle. 
Man, I can't imagine a day without Emo. He is such a playful dog and a very sweet one too.

I'm actually preparing him for Mercato Centrale's Doggie Love Launch for August. I know he's going to love it!

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Pearl said...

such a cutie! my kids have been bugging me to buy them a puppy, and their Dad and I are planning to give it to them in time for Christmas. :-)