Friendship I'll Treasure For Life

20 July 2011

When it comes to friends, I only have a handful. Friends are like precious gems for me. Rare and very delicate. And just like a treasure piece, they should be real inside and out. I treasure my relationship with these people because I found my precious gems within them. Hearts filled with joy, love, sincerity and honesty.  My childhood friends.
 I can say that we never really experienced anything sad or bad that would harm our connections as friends for decades. We all grew up together in a quiet village in Taytay, Rizal. Each has his and her own stories as a child, a teenager and now, as a 30 year old. All our families are closely knit. A visit at another's house feels like we never left our very own homes.
Our worlds became 1 when we all joined the chapel choir. I think I was just 12 years old back then. From then on, our relationship bloomed even more from being just friends to being the best of pals. As for me, everyone knows my story. I opened my life to these people because they're my family too.
With my Dad
Due to work, raising up our own families, and distance of our present locations, we seldom see each other nowadays. After being on bed rest for a whole week, I started a new day with a reunion with my best pals. Our friend Kara who now lives in China came home for a quick vacation. We all took this opportunity to see each other again.
It was a happy reunion. Though the group wasn't complete, we can't call it a "grand reunion". We have more friends living in other countries. Maybe one day, when everyone decides to come home in the Philippines all at the same time, that will definitely be the most memorable. But for now, for us still here, hopefully, we can plan a monthly get together or at least, an activity we can share every other month.

Through the years, each remained true to each other. Memories with my friends are all filled with happiness, unforgettable, including embarrassing yet, fun moments. We never frown at life, we only know how to smile and laugh at it.
Hurray for True Friends!

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Chris said...

when you find true friends, keep them for life! :D