From 2 to 1 to 0 Front Teeth

28 July 2011

My son bids farewell to his favorite set of teeth... His 2 front teeth has made a mark throughout his childhood for they were the first ones to come out when he was still a baby. Unusual his pediatrician told us, because normally, the first set of teeth of a child comes out from the bottom first. 
My son lost his first front tooth during an accident. We were at the wake of his grandfather, around 4 am in the morning, his aunt and uncle arrived from America, to his surprise and excitement, he stayed up the whole time playing with them and maybe because he was already a little sleepy, he accidentally bumped a chair made of hard wood. For us parents, we were so scared when it happened because the bleeding didn't stop until the doctors at St. Lukes took care of him. Gladly, nothing serious was done. They cleaned his gums and found out that his right front tooth was loosened by the bump and that's it. The doctor's advise was to wait for it to fall off than to pull it out. And in a few days, his precious front tooth fell off by itself while he was eating.
From 2
to 1
We kept the tooth that fell off. When he's much older, I know that he'll never fail to remember this part of his life. From losing his first front tooth, I noticed that my son was very conscious on keeping the other front one. I mean, a few years after, the other front tooth started to move too... One time, I saw my son fixing that only front tooth left. Everytime he eats it goes out of position, so using his index finger, he pushes it back to place. But we all know that at the age of 6 years, every tooth is just temporary. So eventually, his other front tooth fell off...
to nothing...
I told him not to worry, because another set will grow back, but this time, he really needs to take care of it, because it is going to be permanent. I say that this experience with my son was one of the funniest and amusing part. Even if I'm older, I will never forget his precious 2 front teeth.


Chris said...

my daughter's front teeth still hasnt showed up... 7 months na wala yung front teeth nya!!

♥peachkins♥ said...

grabe ang laki na ni frankie!