Our Enchanted Kingdom Visit 2011

12 July 2011

It's been months since our visit to Enchanted Kingdom this year. Summer will never be complete without it. In 2010, we went back twice in about a month. This year, since we have Baler, we decided to stick to one. 
Our EK visit for 2011 was extraordinary. We rode rides we never tried before like the
1.  EKstreme Tower Ride you need to experience this in order to say that EK met the qualifications of any known amusement park around the globe. This ride may look so ordinary...ride it, and get blown away.
2. and RioGrande Rapids
The experience was dynamic and fun.
RioGrande is one of my favorite rides. I didn't have a extra clothes with me, but I took the chance expecting that I'll get wet. I got drenched from waist to bottom. It was great!
To complete my EK moment, it's a must that I take a glimpse of this lovely angle of the Wheel of Fate. Our resting place is just right beside the Wheel of Fate. This area in Enchanted Kingdom relaxes me, especially when the day was spent with extreme activities. So there you go, our Enchanted Kingdom Experience for 2011. I wonder what's up for 2012? I know it's going to be extra special again because I will be spending it with my "kids". I heard that Enchanted Kingdom Biki Waterworld Waterpark is already open ;)

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Jhari said...

It's been a while since my last visit here in your blog ate. Hope everything is well.

I so miss EK too. We failed to visit last year. Sana next visit namin mapuntahan na namin.