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23 July 2011

After getting married, one of the things that my husband and I planned to invest on was a brand new car. But when my father-in-law passed away, his old Honda car was immediately given to us. It is a Honda Civic. Through friends and further research, I discovered how manageable Honda cars are. So without second thoughts, my husband and I decided to keep the money for a brand new car, and settled with my father-in-law's old Honda Civic. Considering that it's an old model, maintenance has never been a problem for us. Even online, we were able to find shops that caters to old car models, like repairpal.com. As you enter the website, you will be able to get repair estimates, car maintenance advises and reviews from fellow customers.

We love our Honda Civic. Maybe for some car owners, something old is worth selling, but for us, as long as it is running smoothly and with the availability of car repair shops as good and accurate as repairpal.com, every old car is worth keeping. The maintenance price doesn't matter at all. Even with a brand new car, the moment you decide to purchase one, make sure that as an owner, you are also ready for the maintenance waiting throughout the car's lifetime.

At repairpal.com every vehicle is well taken cared of. One of our main concern is the regular engine oil and filter change. As explained at repairpal.com, engine oil lubricates and removes heat from internal engine components. The oil filter removes harmful deposits from the engine oil, preventing them from being circulated throughout the engine. With our experience, with timely engine and filter oil change, the car runs smoothly and the engine is very quiet. 

Old or new, cars are supposed to be loved like nurturing a family member. With proper care and knowledge, your favorite car will never let you down.

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Harris Weisman said...

If you want your car working properly and also to increase its life then you have to get lubricate(greasing, oiling)them.