An Intriguing Remark

19 July 2011

So I was having a fun weekend, when come Monday, I saw some comments online which were a little intriguing. It was all posted on my FB page. 

It was for an album with my childhood friends. To describe the pictures, it was a fun memory for me. I was reunited with my close friends, we shared exciting stories of what has become of our lives. But for some, it was an opportunity to ask intriguing questions. Statements that are not necessary anymore. I know everyone's just joking around, but I felt awkward and weird about it, maybe because I found malice hidden within those statements.

Whatever you just said or whatever you just typed using that keyboard, the words that just came out defined you as a person.

I try to live my life as simple as possible. I have a number of people in my life to trust, I hope they don't waste the friendship I treasure with them just by making intriguing remarks.

If you find this as an exaggerated reaction, respect it. I was thinking, that these intriguing remarks were based on some stories from the past. I know they're just making fun of me. Anyway, to finish off,  those stories they may find amusing has always remained where I left them years ago.

To my friends, let's move forward. We have work, we have kids to feed, our families to spend time with,  utilities to pay, we have our lives to deal with everyday. I don't really have time for "intriga or chismis" anymore. Life is different now...

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