Us Stay At Home Moms

08 November 2010

Thoughts on my mind on a Thursday, a post entitled Thoughts On A Thursday dated November 4, 2010. Yeah that one, if you were able to read it. Well, I came up with it not because I fought with somebody or I'm hitting on an individual. These are words, thoughts I was able to put together hearing people talk about topics that concern Stay At Home Moms. May it be from a t.v show, a relative, a friend, or even from a total stranger.
To clear some statements with the last post I made... and obviously I had trouble on choosing the right words, I felt that my post may have become offensive for some. Let me start by thanking the people who were able to understand my point of view. Thank you for keeping an open mind.

That post was made out of pure honesty. Some people think if we Stay At Home Moms have the luxury of staying at home, we also have the luxury of time and they think we're also being lazy on the side. Like I said earlier, my thoughts were inspired by individuals I heard talking about it and I'm just giving them my answer through this blog.

I know the value of hard work even I stay at home and I don't need to experience it just to be able to understand.

For us Stay At Home Moms, it's harder because we are the ones balancing and maintaining a home for our family members who go to work everyday. "There's No Place Like Home" right? Thank your moms for  that. In the office,  you follow basic procedures. It's there in black and white all you have to do is to follow and practice it. Then every 15 days, you get your payment. 

Us Stay At Home Moms, we don't have a sheet of paper with procedures to follow. Hard work doesn't apply to us (or at least for me). EXTREME SACRIFICE are the terms to be used. It's a gift to be able to create a home  or at least we Stay At Home Moms try to reach that close-to-perfect environment we all want to go home to.

Us Stay At Home Moms, we concentrate on molding each family member on becoming a good person and  we will never stop, not until our time is through.

In the office, you have retirement  waiting. Us Stay At Home Moms, we don't get anything and we are not expecting to get something return.

In reality:
We do it everyday, we get used to it throughout the years, that's why it looks easy.  

Deep inside: 
From the very beginning, a mom's heart, mind and body was naturally made ready. Total acceptance. One should be passionate about it. Yes, there are times when we think... what if? We're only humans, we have dreams too.

It may look like it's a big luxury, but the truth is simple, put everything I've shared together, us Stay At Home Moms are called experts on managing our lives well. Our role keeps us happy as long as we know that each member of the family is happy and fulfilled.


♥peachkins♥ said...

Very well said Enchie...

Enchie said...

Thanks Peachy...

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I wish people who think that way have to experienced it first before saying anything. Been there,Done that. I'm working now but if I have to be a SAHM again, I'll do it in a blink of an eye!
It's a luxury alright, but it's a kind of luxury that we cannot take for granted,it's a luxury with a big responsibility.