Lazy Blogger---Not!

03 November 2010

Okay fine, I'm guilty as charged, it may seem that I've become a lazy blogger for the past month, but really, I just wanted to spend more time with my family and myself. Not only that, I was also spending time with my parents following up on our latest mission that I'm about to unveil soon. I went back to visit my Alma Mater St. Paul College QC, now a university. It's life working without the pressure of posting or documenting everything at once.
With my mom, a picture taken recently, just to let you see how I look at the moment. Still the same only with longer hair and bigger thighs hehehe!
Now 3rd Street of St. Paul Quezon City. See the tall building to the left, that's their Hotel and Restaurant Building. Gosh!
Enjoying time at Tom's World and Timezone. Tried so hard on getting this Mr. Krabs doll. Here's what I gotta say, cheater!cheater! It's impossible to even get the doll hanging with all the bumps the machine is making. I've been out with my 2 boys almost every weekend and minus my camera. Oh by the way, Canon fixed my basic lens like it's brand new. We ate in several restaurants, old and new. It was fun, delicious and entertaining. Another thing that kept me busy was the World of Warcraft. Since the World is about to change in a few months, I try to accomplish whatever I can in order to make the most of the present environment of the game. I was also following BlizzCon 2010 online.
With the long weekend, my family spent time Trick or Treating with my husband's cousin Perry and his daughter. Again, we were in and out the mall. We've been in Toy Kingdom like 3x in a row because we were fixing Franky's Thomas train, adding tracks and stands to make it higher, then we will add tiny Christmas decors hoping we could build something like the train from a Coca-Cola Christmas commercial.

And to end, I've been busy in the kitchen. I failed my first brownie attempt but I got successful with my first Moist Chocolate Cake. Love it!love it!love it! Other than that, I've been making plans with husband too.  My birthday, presents, preparing our Holiday list, a possible travel to visit toot!. 

God has been very gracious, thank you Almight Father for this life you have blessed us with.


Jes said...

oh no BIG THIGH?? thats a lie! you have nice legs enchie! :)

so you've been very lazy blogging lately? kabaligtaran nmn sakin ahahhah sinipag ako nung malaman ko na may OLD ppp p pla?? hays sayang ngyun k lng nalaman,,been waiting for an opp for A long time nA kasi i cant sell house n lot since hubby left for US...i cant go out during weekends for tripping eh ;(
Its nice to drop by and visit you ench! ;)

Chris said...

its great to see and read your blogs again :) missed you :)