2 Years Already?

09 November 2010

If there's something I need to think through over and over again, that would be the reasons why I missed on  my blog's (Sweet Nothings) anniversary. I just realized that last October 24 was my blog's 2nd year, and not a single shout out or post about it. What was I doing then? Hmmm... Looking at my calendar, I was out enjoying an International buffet with my 2 boys. Well, that saves it. That's a pretty good reason right? Anyway, this website may not be the same as to how it was running between 2009 and middle of 2010, but that doesn't mean my life became boring. As a matter of fact, more exciting things was happening while my passion for blogging was dying down a bit.

Maybe you noticed I have less posts about my son. It's for his protection. I don't want everything to  be exposed. Not that sharing stories about your kids are bad, this is just me.  To add, I don't have personal posts such as sharing my recent take on my hobbies, especially photography. Since I'm not out to become a professional or to make money out of it, I decided to keep that part of myself private.  I am always the point of comparison. So I need to protect myself from other people's shameful act of being insecure. I don't want to be dragged to this kind of horror. And yes, laying low on my posts helped. They stopped but I could still feel how curious they are, it shows. Now, they're totally clueless. Hahaha!

I'm trying to get back on making blogs again.  Let me begin my journey  once more by following the pace I started back from 2007-2008. Continuing its real purpose and function, more of an online diary. Simple but exciting blog posts and with no pressure at all. Living and loving life, sharing my special moments and dreams. Thank God for Blogging, I was able to introduce this other part of my life as , Killahhhqueen,  Momachie,  Enchie. 3 significant roles. 
 As a friend to everyone
A mother and wife
 and Being a True Person both online and personal.

I wonder where I'll be if I didn't blog...


Tetcha said...

We just have to keep something for ourselves, too, and not reveal too much in our blogs, for our sanity and peace of mind, right? Have a nice day, Enchie!

Chris said...

happy 2nd anniversary! :D