The Lady Bag

22 November 2010

Let me get this straight, with regards to my post title, I'm still confused.  I was never really into this kind of things. All of a sudden, I want more bags. But for some reason, this time around, I want it because I know I deserve it.  So far, my eyes were set for either a Mahogany Coach Bag and a Nine West sling bag. But  I was told that the Coach Bag will cost me php11,000 (which I think is still cheap). Even if I can afford it, 11K for a bag is too much and it's not practical for me, I have so much priorities in line, so I passed on Coach. With one option left, I immediately made it final to buy the Nine West sling bag.  But again, to my surprise, there were no stock left for me.

I didn't really feel disappointed, maybe it wasn't for me... but it made me sad, because I seldom get opportunities where I can spend a little for myself. Especially, I had to wait for my birthday just to be able to justify that "hey, there's an occasion, it's okay to spend". As I was telling my husband the idea of buying myself a birthday gift, and while walking along a MANGO store, I made a quick glance at their window display, and found the most amazing line of satchel bags...on SALE!!! and on the other side, a Lacoste shop  awaits.  Now, I'm back on having 2 options once again. 

1. a MANGO satchel bag
2. or a LACOSTE sling bag

Come and visit after a day or 2 and find out which one...
Special thanks to my Ninang (Godmother) for another stunning bag. It's her birthday gift for me.   I love it!
*Believe me, after this, it will take me years to make my next purchase.*

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♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

You know you deserved it! By reading your blog I know that your hubby and son is always on top of your list, and it won't hurt a bit to reward yourself,I'm sure your hubby doesn't mind it either if you spend that money for the things you really like. :)