A Mother's Hope To Travel Someday

15 November 2010

Personally, I look at traveling as an opportunity to go on an adventure, for new discoveries, a learning curve and a chance to appreciate life beyond the usual. So ironic when I have a  valid passport and a visa that would last for the next10 years, but I haven't been anywhere my whole life.

People think I've done some traveling  with how I relate to their travel stories. With that, it only proves that being not able to travel doesn't make you less of a person. I've met travelers of different types. Some are yes, disdainfully proud that it will make the so eager listener uncomfortable. And I would conclude that the real travelers doesn't really brag about the places they've been too. In a conversation, it will just hit you by surprise, and it's great knowing a person with such attitude and personality, his or her stories will make you feel like you've traveled with him or her too.

I have hopes and plans on when and where to travel someday... I'm not rushing and I try not to keep it too high but dreams will always be there to inspire me everyday. The moment I chose motherhood, I knew that it's not going to be easy. Sometimes, opportunity is already right in front of us, but our instincts as parents overpowers me and my partner on choosing a more practical purpose and thinking what would be best for the family.

I opened myself to be flexible and agreed for the possibilities that most of my plans as a person are going to be set aside at least until when I know everything my son needs are all going to be provided. If you might ask, where do I want to go? To be honest, while making this article,  first thing that went inside my mind, was to be thankful and grateful if God will grant us the chance to have time and extra funds without touching our savings. The location won't really matter as long as I'm with my family.-photo source-
I know,  I will be able to travel someday... and with those who are dear to my heart.

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♥peachkins♥ said...

Ganyan yata talaga tayong mga mommy,We put the needs of our family first before we think of what we want.

Very nice post!