Circle Of Fun

18 January 2010

Last Saturday the family went out to have lunch with a friend and our Ninang whom we also consider as family. She was my best buddy in college and she was also my maid of honor. We had lunch at Serye Quezon City Circle. It was a peaceful Saturday. People were out jogging, playing ball, strolling and enjoying a relaxing day. After parting ways with our friend, we took Franky's bike out of the car, so he can bike around. We planned ahead, QC Circle is a nice place to go biking without any hassles.
My boys--- my husband helping Franky off the sidewalk and on to the main road for bicycles. We walked around and discovered Circle of Fun. Right now, I am telling you guys that Quezon City Circle is indeed a Fun Circle. It is the only park I've seen that is safe, clean, covered with trees, with big grounds covered with grass, that also has a playground, a bicycle area, food area, an amusement park and have clean bathrooms.
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Imagine Circle of Fun as the mini Star City or Enchanted Kingdom. Most of the rides are for kids. The fun part, the adults can ride it too.
I was totally into Waterball.
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I rode Leap Frog with Franky.
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Entrance Fee: Php20
Rides costs Php30-50 per head
It was an awesome day! We loved it! There were no boundaries, we rode almost everything with Franky. Something we can't do in the usual, big amusement parks.
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joy said...

hi enchie! first time in four years to be back at the qc circle last Sunday, i so circle of fun, nakakatuwa kasi may amusement park na sa circle.

Sassy Mom said...

Ang saya pala dito... Hope to visit one of these days..

Seiko said...

Nice must have been alot of fun for you and your family. Bonding moments are always priceless. Saya2x.

Willa said...

I love QC Circle, especially yung biking area, di ba diyan din yung WildLife dati,wala na yata ngayon. But the Circle of Fun look exciting and for only 20 pesos, wow! I mean, that is really a fun place for everybody.Galing,dami ng magagandang puntahan sa Metro Manila, di na kailangan pang mag out of town or pag ipunan ang budget, I mean,parang whenever you feel like going, anjan na kasi nga mura na,and most of all,safe place pa for kids.

Jac said...

I remember I saw it in Tv patrol. Circle of fun sana ma puntahan din namin!! Mag e-enjoy ang mga kids jan for sure!!

Lulu said...

i love your family bonding moments

pinayrichmom said...

wow, looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing, hope we could visit QC circle soon.

shydub said...

Dami na talaga mga fun rides and places sa pinas ano. Glad to see that you guys enjoying and having lots of fun with family and friends.

fedhz said...

aw... may ganun pala sa circle. dati one ride away lang kame, di man lang kame nakarating jan. parang sa La Mesa Eco park, once lang ako nakapunta, to think parang kapitbahay lang namin un.

mukhang fun nga mommy. gusto ko din ung water ball. ayaw ko nung rides. katakot. hehe. tska ang mura ha.

gusto ko din mag biking. hay. ganda pa naman ng panahon. ^^

Clarissa said...

I bet you guys had a blast!!Kahit siguro ako eh mag-eenjoy din dyan!Ang daming rides!!\(^0^)/

Chris said...

what a great time and its good to know that there is such a place in QC.. someday, i hope to be able to visit there... maybe you can take me there with the kids!? :D

Enchie said...

@ Everyone!hey guys! QC is a different city now. Kung puwede lang siyang gawing Capital ng Pinas sana hehehe! Anyway, they developed The Circle more. It's nicer and a good spot for family.

@ Chris! hey why not! we can do that!we can arrange a meet-up so I can tour you around. May LA Mesa Eco Park pa :)

Chris said...

Wow, great!! sige.. now, we just need to find a date... :)sympre logistics..

excited na ako! i havent been to La Mesa Eco Park yet din!

*MrsMartinez* said...

hello I am intrigued by the waterball... is it for kids alone? xoxo

Enchie said...

@ Mrs. Martinez, we can try the waterball too :)