Blogging On A New Phase

12 January 2010

Hey guys! it's been awhile since my last post. I'm trying this new thing--- making my weekend "blogfree". Things has gotten more serious for us since the first day of 2010. Serious in a way, that my husband and I wanted to make our goals for the future to be clear as crystal water. You know, putting our words into action. Sometimes, if we share too much, something prevents it from pushing through.

My family is going to move to a new place some time soon. Anyway, packing and moving may take away some of my own time blogging. As much as I want to share, I can't tell where were moving... Part of bringing things to action is not putting things into details. And this is one goal already happening. So yehey! it's working!

Since it is going to be a new beginning for us (again), a new year, a new place, it is a perfect chance to make some changes online too.

I've decided to be more choosy of the stuff that I will share over the internet. Mostly for personal reasons. As in personal, just me. Family will always be the subject of my blogs, and as always, FOOD!

If you might ask, why? Over-all, this is to prevent unwanted visitors from getting ideas about me, prevention from making comparisons and stealing information. I just want to play it safe.

It's a thought that came to me one night while I was having coffee with some friends. I saw the excitement of keeping some pieces of my life private online. I looked at our friends and asked myself, "should I blog about this wonderful night?" Usually, as soon as I get home, I'll upload the pictures and start blogging. The feeling was different this time.

It's "that" part of my life I haven't fully opened yet. Well, I'm trying to keep Photography on a different level too. For now, the camera will just be a camera. I am keeping these (friends and portraiture) as it is, leaving them half-open just to be more on the private side. I want to keep this special people to remain a mystery, my photos in a simple story, the very same people and interest that's been completing me as a person aside from my family. These 2 go well together...

If we have the option to share everything, we also have the choice to blog without giving too much info, at the same time, we can still make it worth reading. Besides, all I mentioned was just being choosy on some stuff, not totally erasing everything, so expect for some surprises along the way.


Chris said...

its always better to be more discreet :) have a great day!

Beth said...

Yes, that's what I also do. Though I post about what's happening about me, I keep some details private like my place of work. The pics with my ofcmates? they wanted them posted!

We can still blog pa naman about us without divulging our private info. We just had an Internet Safety Seminar at the office and I learned many things on how hackers and evil-minded people can steal our id details. Good to know you already took precautions. Take care! :)

Enchie said...

Hi Chris and Beth! Thanks for dropping by. It is very important to be extra cautious talaga. And it's good to know that you guys are on the safe side din...

Ebie said...

Enchie, it is a good decision, we cannot make our private lives too open.

I have also seen dishonest bloggers and they don;t seem to be what they write.
It is always safe to be cautious.
Good luck to your new place and more power to your food blog, I enjoy your posts all the time.

Genejosh said...

i totally agree with you sis...I've been doing the same and it's nice to play safe ...Let's keep our own mystery:)

darly said...

Hi Momi Enchie, the blogfree weekend is a great idea. Im spending less time blogging too and those few extra time i have in my hands- i divide between reading and blogging. I think its really a choice and prioritizing what really matters.

God bless on your quest and looking forward to your sensible posts.

Mariz said...

new beginnings are always exciting, good luck on your plans!

re: privacy, i totally agree with you, though we run personal blogs, we need to learn to draw the line on how much info we share about our offline activities, especially now that identity theft is very rampant. it's always better to be cautious than sorry.

thanks for the blog visit, btw.

cheers =)

Willa said...

I agree on the idea of "keeping it safe" because who knows, wrong hands might get hold of infos and photos we only want to share with our friends share.
and speaking of photos, until now, a photo of a baby or toddlers in their diaper/underwear is so creepy for me,I wonder if those parents think about how much theraphy their kids will be needing when they grow up.Pulling an old photo album for future gf/bf is one thing, but spreading their butt cheeks all over the cyberspace is another.

Anyway, Good luck to your new place.

♥peachkins♥ said...

That's a really nice step. I also do the same thing...Good Luck on that moving thing..

SASSY MOM said...

couldn't agree with you more... you can never be too careful. never advertise the things you have... can always blog without giving away too much. good luck!

SASSY MOM said...
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Jac said...

there are things that we should be more careful talaga when it comes in posting stories or pictures in our blog to protect our family and friends. nice post Enchie good luck :D

Clarissa said...

Same here--my post is always about my family.I'm enjoying blogging though I don't update it everyday(only on my free time) and it's because not everything that I do has to be "bloggable".

fedhz said...

Hi, Ench. Been a while. the last time we talked eh we were looking for a place to transfer to. tapos kaw naman ngayon. naku, kakapagod nga magpack, lalu na kung madaming gamit. pero we did it all in 4 days. ung iba, tapon, pamigay. di naman pwede isama lahat dito sa aming mini-house. ^^

and yeah, about sharing about your life, di naman lahat kelangan mong i-blog diba. and besides, baka ayaw din nung mga taong na-picturan mo na ipost mo sila sa blog mo or sa facebook or kung san man. kelangan din natin hingin ang permission nila. (which i don't usually do ahahay)

magaling ka naman sumulat no. at babalik at babalik ang readers mo kahit ano pang isulat mo kahit di about your life. ^^v

just a few days back, sabi nung hipag ko nabasa daw nya ung blog ko. que horror! una natakot ako kase baka sabihin, ang barok naman nito magsulat. pangalawa, inisip ko baka may nasulat akong something nega.

LOL kaya un, play safe lang ako lagi. tsaka iniisip ko muna kung magagalit ba ung taong un pag nikwento ko ung life nya. eh minsan di ko naman sinusulat ung name eh. wahaha! unless gusto nila diba? like linky love. wahehe