Xtraordinarymom Now Plurking!

05 January 2010

So here I am finally Plurking. Since 2008 I already deleted 2 accounts under Plurk. First look, it seems like its quite difficult to understand. Figuring out how this "karma" thing works. It was fun and entertaining reading Plurks from other websites.

So while on vacation these past weeks, I decided to try Plurk once again. This time, I took the liberty to study and learn how Plurk really works. So far, so good!

Plurk is a wonderful place to post your shout outs at the same time, it can be viewed in an instant in your website.


Bambie dear ★ said...

same here di ko na na-update kasi ang hirap i-figure out.. i use twitter instead =)

Chris said...

:) i use twitter... i know you can link your lurk to twitter :)

anyway, happy plurking!

Enchie said...

Hi Guys! I do have a Twitter account but I don't open it anymore. Might check on it soon :)

Ebie said...

Hehehehe, zero na ang karma ko sa plurk! I do not have time anymore!