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06 May 2009

I have been spending less and less time blogging. The breakdown of our desktop last week kinda triggered everything. Plus, my camera was with my Dad, so there's less inspiration. And it was not very easy to let go. To a point, that I had to ask for it- from him again. Hehehe! its a good thing that he is my Dad. Just imagine the disappointment that I'll be getting if I gave it to another person. Stupid! Well, my Dad told me that he knows, sooner or later I'll ask for it again.
Consider that settled. I'll take pictures again soon.

Now, I'm so occupied playing Burger Rush, Diner Dash, and Burger Shop. All these games are just so fun to play with. It will also make you drool. While my son's taking a nap, instead of blogging and making my usual drops ,I play.

These games are available from Yahoo Games. There's a trial for 1hr. and you can purchase the full version for $7. They look cute and easy. But I tell you, they are very challenging, especially when meeting the game's goals- objectives.

Another thing that kept me was my other site in Multiply. I just recently upgraded it. Since that's where I post my albums and personal stuff, and I survived a year with it. It was my gift for the site, turning it to Multiply Premium.

With that, I also made changes with the look and updated its content. That site of mine are exclusively for friends, online buddies and family only. I try to protect some images and stories. Multiply is a different world from Blogger. If you happen to have an account, let me know so can I visit you there too.


kikamz said...

glad u had ur camera back ench! looking forward to more of ur fab photos. and have a geat vacation in tagaytay too. btw, samantha has an award for u. please get it from her site. hugs!

Umma said...

So glad that you are back Mommy Enchie.. sometimes, in our point of our life we experience that kind of feeling..but Im sure you will bounce back to your old self again.. and we'll be seeing you more often.

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

hehehe mommy enchie addict din si me before ng diner dash. :) tos may full version si me kaya nga lang di ko binili may crack kasi si me..shhhh.... before nga pa bz epek si me sa ofc pero playing dinner dash lang pala..hehehe. di ko pa na try yong burger rush. :) pero baka ma adik din si me :)

enjoy playing mommy enchie :)bilisan mo at baka magalit na mga customers mo :)

Jona said...

uy parang na eengganyo ko sa mga games na yan ah...papa-crack ko nlng k hubby hahaha!

Beth said...

wow, bait naman ni daddy talaga! i'll look forward to your great shots uli ha?

take care always! :)

fedhz said...

Hi, Mami Ench.. thanks for the update. sabi na kukunin mo rin ulit ung camera. ^^v

ako rin nun adik sa yahoo! games and ang super fave ko is Diner Dash. di ko pa nga na-try ung 2nd eh. di na ko naglaro kase di na ko makakapag trabaho, haha!

ung multiply premium may bayad ba? ano meron kapag premium. thanks!

wala namang laman ung sakin. konting pics lang.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

you really like taking pics sis anoh! ^_^
ako din eh...mahilig sa picture picture parang mga officemates ko din hmmmm...halos lahat ata ng pinoy mahilig sa picture picture..congrats nga pala sa iyong multiply site. ^_^ ingatz

☆Willa☆ said...

I'm too busy managing my virtual restaurant at Facebook, the game called Restaurant City is so fun, it brings me back to my childhood where I love to play "palengke-palengkehan". lol!
good luck to your multiply!

Jes said...

eeheheh so sad nmn your cam is not with you ehehe same here my cam is nsa pagawaannmn =( hay! nweis ako dnmedyo tinatamad magblog pero not withmommy moments and opps kaso ala n masyadu ops eheheh =) i have a tg for you -

Ebie said...

Blogging and photography go hand and in hand. Hehe, I have a basic multiply account but I just went with the flow. My nieces and nephews were always sending me invites.

Chris said...

hello enchie! i have seen this games once before, i have wondered what they were.. thanks for the info!

anyway, what are the differences of being a "regular" multiply user and a premium user?

Genejosh said...

love the camera..same thing of what my papa bought..

Happy Mother's Day! I have a tag for you. Hope you like it:
Mother's day tag

nurseabie said...

I enjoy playing diner dash too..

Enchie said...

Thank you guys for dropping by today. I'm still studyind Premium. 2 things I noticed immediately: no ads and you can add widgets on the side rail too :D