Movie Mania

25 May 2009

The weekend was truly a relaxing one. First time I didn't think about Blogspot, Multiply, Entrecard and Facebook. From saturday we have been feeding our eyes with various movies.

As we were talking over dinner about the scariest movies of all time, my husband was able to set the mood for Saturday Horror Night. He immediately searched online on movies (old and new) that are considered to be on top of the list. We chose The Shining (Jack Nicholson). Based on a novel by Stephen King. It wasn't scary. It was sick!
A dad (Jack Nicholson), a family man who wanted a good life for his family. Finally nailed a job in an old Hotel, famous for its scenic beauty for ski lovers. He didn't know that the old place had a history, that every man set for the job turned it down. Being a person with deep thoughts and who wants change, he agreed to get the job. Guarding the Hotel for 5 months, the whole Winter. The only transportation that can access the place during this complicated season is a snow mobile.

With the history where an old caretaker went berserk and killed his family, some believed that his spirit still lives in the hotel.

Jack's family stayed with him. It went well at first, but as they stayed longer, things began to change. Jack was getting irritable, his son (who was gifted to have The Shining or ESP) sees things and started getting bad encounters. And the only person who remained intact was the mom played by Shelley Duvall.

"Though not initially successful, the film has had status as a cult film for years. It has since gone on to broad mainstream success, now being frequently ranked as one of the best horror films in history and its iconic imagery deeply embedded throughout popular culture, although there was a long interval between its release and its achievement of iconic status." -wiki-

The movie was really good. For a 1980's flick, they did a pretty good job. The actors portrayed their roles well. Especially Jack Nicholson. His transistion from being a good Father to an evil psycho. That was just creepy. Anyway, I give it 5 stars. It is the #1 scary movie of all time. You wanna know why? look for it and watch.

Little that you know, aside from bummin' around the house the whole weekend, my husband and I went for a quick flick of Angels and Demons sunday evening.

To start, it was too good that I couldn't think of any words on how to make a review. Yey! Tom Hanks! I missed this guy. He is one of my favorite actors. Actually I really don't want to comment about the movie. Basing it on my personal point of view, I might create conflict with people who has a different look about the whole story behind not the movie itself. I mean, thats how good it is. Plus, I want to travel and study Ancient Rome :D

To end the weekend, I declare The RING as the next scariest movie of all time. Well, we can't actually compare Western from Eastern movies. Their both different. The Ring was just off-beat, you don't know when you'll get scared. We watched it again before going to bed sunday night.


"After "normal" Sadako was murdered, the other Sadako merges with her. This merger involves no physical contact, as the child Sadako is locked in a room when it occurs (and vanishes afterwards), and two characters watching over the nearby corpse of older Sadako witnesses only the reanimation of her corpse.
The "restored" Sadako is mostly based on the older one, although when provoked her powers surface and her appearance change to resemble her younger form (her face obscured by her hair, moving mostly through shadows


Tetcha said...

The Shining is one sick and scary movie that was well done. My husband and I also enjoyed Angels and Demons; we watched it yesterday. I didn't intentionally watch The Ring because of what I've been hearing from those who were able to watch it. Baka hindi ako makatulog. Of course, my husband watched it. Walang pinapalampas na movie yun eh.

Enchie said...

Hi Mommy! Looking at the pictures from The Ring, it gives me the creeps already. I watched it several times, feels like I always watch it for the very first time.

Mys said...

The Ring was scary, but I found The Grudge even more disturbing. That one I had nightmares about.

kikamz said...

whaaa!!! scary naman to lahat... title pa lang, parang ayaw ko nang panoorin. i watched the ring before and i was too scared to really concentrate on the content. most of the time, i hide behind hubby's back. LOL! i am so "talawan"! i didn't even dare watch The Grudge. and have u seen the exorcism of emily rose? that one woke me up at 3:00AM for 3 days after watching the movie. i was so freaked out!

Enchie said...

Yeah I watched everything. It gave me the creeps. I can't even stay in a room alone after watching. Especially in Ring 2 when they showed the mom of Sadako combing her hair.