I Pray For Some Sunshine

04 May 2009

Remember my post on a perfect vacation last week? -entry here-

Well, the whole time last week, especially this week. We have been planning and making options for that perfect vacay. It has been raining, the waters of Zambales are not as calm especially when our target location is facing the open waters of the China Sea.

We decided to make Tagaytay as our second destination, just in case it will continue pouring up to thursday.

My heart is with the camping experience in one of the famous islands of Pundaquit. It is going to be a different one for us, especially for my son. With the weather changes, everything was put to a halt. And we can't go shopping for our stuff: new swimwear, sunscreen, tent, flashlights, and others, until we finally can see that it is going to be a fine day. Boat reservation is just a click away.

Looking out our window early today, it was sunny. And now, its partly cloudy.

That's how Mother nature does it!

All I can do is pray for Some Sunshine for our perfect vacation.

And to my disappointment, this just in: A typhoon is expected to enter the country from the South China Sea anytime from tomorrow until the weekend. It might even hit Manila.

So Tagaytay it is for us.


Seiko said...

That is a real dissapointment to the whole great family,but 'm still praying for some sunshine to your vacation.

Genejosh said...

hope u can have the perfect vacay u desire..

anyway, can I tag u?..it's here: No.8 tag

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

sana umaraw na dyan..para ma enjoy nyo na sis vacation nyo ^_^ ingat.salamat sa comment

Beth said...

sna nga umaraw araw naman ng khit three to four days no? di din ako makalabas, just now pmunta kmi sa mall, paguwi bsang basa kmi haayyy...

anyway, ingat lagi and sana matuloy kyo sa zambales, para tingin ko pics, :)

take care!

☆Willa☆ said...

don't you worry, there's a sunshine every after the rain! *wink*

Anzu's Mum said...

ouch so sad naman.. kainis talaga weather minsan no.. hope the sun comes up this coming days.. medyo cloudy rin tomorrow dito =(

Ebie said...

Nature is sometimes like this. Very unpredictable. Hope everything will work out fine. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy!

mabel said...

hi there. hope you will be blessed with a perfect weather on your vacation.

joy said...

hi enchie! sana bumuti naman yung weather para maenjoy nyo yung vacation, hopefully maging sunny sa weekend.

Twinkie said...

Aw Enchie! Rain or shine basta you're with the people you most love, anything can be fun fun fun! For that, enjoy!!! We'll wait for your kwento. :)