Time To Make That Change

18 May 2009

Simple. I'm bored with the old look of my blog. I'm more fond of some basics, like Black, white, red. From the very beginning I wanted these colors already. But I thought it might not go well with my title as "Sweet Nothings" it may be too strong for it.
My original plan today was to create a photo blog. With my schedule getting tighter (and my son attending school), it is going to be impossible for me to maintain it. So I decided to pour that urge (for something new) to this site once more.
I am a woman with a very strong disposition (not personality). Anything that will make me happy and comfortable, I go for it. Change has always been a healthy thing. It encourages me to be creative.

I decided to go with who I really am. First, I love experimenting. Even with my other sites. Change is never new. I enjoy tweaking, adding and removing widgets, discovering and learning new tricks. It is fun!
And since this is a family and a wholesome blog site...my chosen title will be best supported by my entries.. Not the colors or the look.
And with this constant change, I am very aware that my PR will go down all the way this time. (Weather- weather na lang lol/ In Time). I'm so happy that with my current PR, I'm still getting ads. And I am still looking. I'd be a hypocrite if I say I'm not.

For the past weeks, I have also been reading some blogs wishing for a make-over. If not, at least for a little change. Those posts inspired me to change my template again :D
Go ahead guys, tweak with your sites, set free the person in you. It will even add inspiration to your blogging.


Jes said...

wow iba n nmn ahaha =-0 ganda =)

jeng said...

Some changes are really refreshing...;)

onlinemommy said...

Go!go!go! Go for change!

I am also planning to change my template because in my current template, the text disappeared whenever I scroll down or scroll up the page. I don't know if the other readers experience the same problem.

God speed!

Chris said...

refreshing change! :D

Twinkie said...

Oooh! I like Blue! :)

☆Willa☆ said...

go black! i like it! knowing me, I tried to change my template plenty of times,even thinking of changing it to pink to give the girly look but unfortunately, it didn't satisfied my likeness and I went back to black only with different combination (from deep pink to now,{almost}neon-green).The great things about black is it goes with every button you put in your sidebar, mas na e enhance yung color nila bec the black gave them the limelight they need. Parang the black background bring out the best in each color na ilagay mo, thsu make the whole blog more appealing. change is good!

☆Willa☆ said...

and to add...Normal is boring! :D

niko said...

parang lagi akong naliiligaw pag binibisita kita ench! hahah :)

dnt you know that my first template is black.. naku ewan ba pero nice sya noh? hehehe

di na ko magugulat pag nagbihis ka ulit ha! :)

pehpot said...

haha akala ko naligaw na naman ako!

pero I like it.. I like how you keep changing.. mas exciting :)

Make or Break

Ebie said...

Change is the change that doesn't change. I love this simple layout, the black and white combination. Go with gusto!

Enchie said...

hahaha! thanks ladies! i like surprising you guys too...

Beth said...

ako din, nagugulat ako palagi everytime i visit here, pero ok nga un e. :) laging me element of surprise.

ako kasi I attempted to change my template pero di maganda un nakuha ko kaya nawala ung mga links ko hehehe, bka next time pag me time na ko talaga, change ko khit header man lang. :)

take care always!

kikamz said...

i like this layout ench.. simple, clean and easy to navigate. i guess all of us, in one way or another, wanted change. i so wanted to change my blog template too but i am limited with the available options. hosted kasi yun on wordpress multi-user eh.

kikamz said...

akala ko rin i was direceted to a different link. LOL!

fedhz said...

hay, mami. ako rin no, gusto ko palitan, kaso kase wordpress gamit ko kaya super nasisira ko ung widgets hehe. ang dami ko ngang nakapilang theme eh kaya inaayos ko na sa isang location ung mga banners ko. plug in eklat.

anyway, bakit bababa ang PR kapag iba iba ang theme? waaah!

uu masaya mag change ng theme at widgets, etc.. part nga un ng blogging experience diba? kaso nahuhuli ako sa blogposts ko hehe.

nga pala, when nagstart tong blog mo? nominate kita kase sa influential bloggers eh. dapat May 2008 nagstart ang blog. join ka ha? please please?

ito o: http://www.influentialblogger.net/2009/05/join-top-10-emerging-influential-blogs.html

kung may time ka, message mo ko kung game ka ha. hehe. gagwa kase tayo ng blog entry ng mga nominees natin, then spread the word. parang blog contest. ^^