5 Stars for Fast and Furious!

01 May 2009

They are back! Faster and more Furious with awesome car stunts. Makes me wanna pimp our own Honda Civic. There were mixed bad and good reviews about the movie. I watched the first 3 ---Fast and Furious. I gotta see this one too. With some of the main cast back drifting their stuff, it nailed a whopping $72.5 million on its weekend debut.
I enjoyed the movie! As usual I was also amazed by the cars. I think this was the best of the Fast and Furious flicks.
This 2 men were reunited for 2 different purposes.

1. Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) now an FBI agent trying to catch a drug lord using car racers as medium in order to ship his illegal packages in and out of the U.S territory.

2. Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) wants revenge to the person responsible (who was also working for the drug lord) for the death of his girl Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

Two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what’s possible behind the wheel.-source-

Directed by: Justin Lin (Tokyo Drift) .

A possible Fast and Furious 5 on its way!


Tetcha said...

I love Vin Diesel! I wish I could watch this movie, too, but my busy schedule won't permit. Besides, I'm still not comfortable leaving my son alone with his new yaya.

mommy jac said...

I will definitely watch this film, di ko lang alam kung kelan showing d2..

Have a lovely weekend=)

Yummybite said...

ayyy gusto ko rin watch yan..i think mas maganda nga and mas ma-aksyon yung mga fast and furious cars nila this time. =)

nath said...

I watched this movie a couple week ago... I agree with u... I also think this was the best of the Fast and Furious flicks... ;)

kikamz said...

i watched this last saturday here at home ench. downloaded sa net. mga pirata kasi kami ni hubby! lol! isa pa, all films here are audio-translated into german kaya it's no fun to watch on the big screen. it was indeed awesome! the japanese guy (oh, i forgot his name! :( ) was reincarnated here too. he died in tokyo drift remember? hehehe! looking forward to the 5th!