Highlights From My 31st Birthday

26 November 2009

The theme for this week is very timely. Like Niko who's a November celebrant, I too just celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday.

First, I would like to take this chance to thank all those who remembered and sent their greetings. To those who texted me and left me messages on Facebook. My phone was buzzing the whole day. Thank you guys!

Nothing extravagant happened this year, but it was one of my most exciting birthdays. I started the day like the usual, woke up early, brought my son to school, ate breakfast with my husband, went online for awhile. Lunch time, I met up with my mom in a nearby Red Ribbon branch to get my cake. I was pretty excited to try their sugar free cake, Mango Passion.
*I consider that the biggest gift I received was the sweet and loving gesture of my other half, who cooked for me on my birthday. I really appreciate the effort and love he poured... The food was very delicious. Thank you baby...(entry on my food blog)
*Being with my family is a special blessing. It's a Wednesday, middle of the week, one of the busiest. My husband has work, but he went on leave, my son has school but he stayed awake and didn't take his afternoon nap just to celebrate. My family is my life, it's the only gift that money can't buy.
Other than that, I still received some tokens of love for this year.
An advance birthday gift---
*The DVD of my much awaited game Left 4 Dead2. I love watching zombie movies. This game will take your breath away.

*A new wrist watch, finally. I would always promise myself to get a new watch, pero hindi natutuloy. Well, my husband made sure that I am wearing one before the year ends.
I like the part when my husband told me that his co-workers helped him look for it. Well, that explains why they were very excited and happy to greet me more than once on my birthday. Hugs for you guys! Will see you soon!

*I also received something from my in-laws in GA. That, I'll keep to myself. Thank you Mama...
*Actually there's more... but I need to stop here. Let me keep the rest as a little secret from you guys for now...

So what was your best Birthday gift ever?! Go to: Girls Talk! and share it with the rest of the girls!

Little Green Thumb

24 November 2009

We all had our Monggo seed planting moment right? I planted mine in a soft layer of cotton with water. And it drew out my curious side and eventually, led me to confusion. It was weird thinking why my seed grew from a piece of wet cotton.

Well, my son's experience was far different from mine. Thank God they got rid of that cotton theory and Franky was asked to bring a cup of good soil for planting.
Looking at my son's heartful work from planting a seed to growing a plant, was another moment for me to cherish.

I didn't even recognize that he planted monggo seeds, I thought it was peanut.
Smiley Face

His mission, to keep the plant alive by watering it everyday. Next, I'll teach him to plant vegetables that we can also use for cooking.
Happy Tuesday to you guys!Graphics

Happy Birthday Niko and Fedhz!

23 November 2009

I was surprised that November is the month for most bloggers. May I proudly say that one of them is Niko. A mother to an adorable little girl, a sweet wife, a jolly person and a good friend. Though we haven't met in person, Niko is one of the people I met online, whom I know who will always remain true. I am very grateful for the opportunity given for our paths to cross in the blogosphere.
This lady owns several blogs by the way... Sites that tells her stories on life, love, friendship, inspiration, reality and fun.
Niko’s Blog
Lover Mushroom…Finally A Family!
Yena’s World
Girls Rule
Online Trends Now

I would also like to take this chance to greet another fellow blogger
Home Buddies Happy, happy Birthday to you too...

My Homemade Christmas Decor

20 November 2009

My husband and I were thinking that our Christmas Tree was lacking something. We wandered around at some department store to look for the right Christmas decor. to make the tree complete. Twigs, twigs, twigs! Silver twigs is our solution to that missing ingredient. But hey, we didn't just buy in an instant. One twig costs P120 each. A piece of thin, plastic twig. I mean, come on!

So, my husband told me, "we'll make our own Christmas Twigs".
With any Spray paint (color of your choice), "real" dried twigs (small branches will do), some glitters, gloves and a protective mask, let's get it on with the Christmas decor making! A paint brush will come in handy too.
Cover your work place with layers of old newspaper. Start spraying per leaf. After spraying, quickly apply the glitters. You can tie all finished twigs with a ribbon of different color, stick it to your tree, or get bigger twigs, then hang Christmas balls.

I first learned about making Christmas decors through my mom. She would also use twigs for our Christmas tree. Twigs she got from our front lawn. This is also a new discovery that my husband is so into it too. Love it!

More to follow and with our Finished Christmas Tree. (Naubusan po kasi ako ng spray paint, akala ko madami pang laman yung can namin dito hehehe!).

Online Mommy's Thanksgiving Contest

18 November 2009

Thanksgiving Contest
"The purpose of this contest is to encourage the participants to count their blessings for the year 2009. I firmly believe that God is great and always faithful to us despite our shortcomings and sins. I believe that there is at least one thing in this year that we want to thank God for. So this is your chance :) Let us all recall how great God is in our lives for the year 2009."
My Entry

My life is made up of my Faith, my love for Family, some time with Friends, my Chores, and Blogging. I like staying at home and concentrate on the things I just mentioned. I stay happy this way. Our Life everyday is compose of the choices we make. 2009 has been a great year, just like the past years we celebrated. The only thing that made 2009 different is the weight for every decision made matching an opportunity given. The gaining moment from each and regrets which is already part of it.

Let me start enumerating the things that made me be thankful for 2009 and what made it meaningful.

January- My Food Blog was created and is still successfully running filled with yummy surprises.

February- Mommy Moments was born. I saw this meme as a perfect way to share moments as moms. I would like to thank Chris of The Mommy Journey.

March- My original blog One Woman’s Tale turned 1 year and now going on its second. I also joined my first Blog Writing Contest hosted by Lainy’s Musings.

April- Celebrated with my parents on their Wedding Anniversary, my Mom's birthday and Easter Sunday with the whole clan.

May- My son's first school experience. Summer school! Let me emphasize on this one. This is the easiest and the biggest decision we have ever made. By gauging the most important to the least. We canceled our vacation trip out of the country to prioritize our son's education. Education is an important factor. It plays a big role in our lives, and we want him to have a good background. Aside from that, with the money we will be spending vacationing, we thought of saving it for our son's future.

June- Celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary. But the main highlight of the month was... I officially became a school boy's mom! Another milestone reached. I am very happy with this additional task (teaching my son about school). I have been waiting for this moment.

July- Gift of Friendship. Friends are there for keeps. I know that I have friends who will always be there for me.
I never count our times together, I stay happy and smiling just knowing we inspire one another. I was reunited with my childhood friends, best buds and with a fellow mom, Kara.

August- My Love For Taking Pictures. The month of August was filled with opportunities to try new things.
More portraits and feels like I'm more creative this time around.
September- The most memorable.Our month of September started healthy. My son celebrated his 5th birthday.
Still gifted with friends. This time, both old and new.
With Ate Rina and Kuya Nick

Enjoyed my first blogger event with Red Ribbon. I met several bloggers in person. It was a fun experience.

But life is not always about being comfortable or happy. Once in a while things get complicated.
The flood that hit us recently was life changing. It didn't do much damage to our (personal) daily living, but looking and thinking about the others who were hit the hardest, was just devastating. All we can do was to pray for them. Give words of hope and light that a new journey will begin. It was yet again an opportunity for us look back and to make things right. This month didn't end frustrating. The sun shined on us again. Friends, helped us recover whatever was lost. A family from America visited us after years of being away. I was able to meet (finally) some of my husband's relatives from GA.

October- Rejuvenated! The month of September was just so full "everything". I want to start October slowly. As always, an opportunity knocked at my door. I was invited to join a writing contest. Red Ribbon's White Forest Writing Contest. It was a good start. Again, it is something new for me, but no expectations were set.
Later, I went on a 2 day vacation with my family. My husband went on leave for 2 weeks, my son's semestral vacation was up too. The timing was just perfect. When I got home, I found out that I won Red Ribbon's Writing Contest. What a positive way to end the month. So, Yehey!

The good and fun part of my 2009 adventure was the fact that everything fell right into place, as if we planned it. I've become free of the stress thinking and planning activities throughout the year. It's more enjoyable, relaxing and humbling. Not to forget, for every achievement my son will make, and for every milestone that crosses his path, will always be a reason to be thankful not only in 2009, but for the years to come. The year isn't over yet. Every day will always be a day to be thankful. The moment we get up in the morning, for the food that will keep us awake and healthy, for the people who will keep us company the whole day, to a warm house we will go home to every night, a comfortable bed we lay on to sleep and for our dreams that will serve as inspiration for another day.

To join the contest: Online Mommy’s Corner

1st Prize

1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner

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Streaks Of Silver and Blue

16 November 2009

Early today, my husband played a bit with my camera.
sweet nothings
Streaks of Silver and Blue from our unfinished Christmas Tree.
sweet nothings
I wasn't really in the mood because I don't look presentable and had to pick up my son from school. But it was cool. I like it.
sweet nothings

Actually I tried some shots of my own after. I like the candy cane effect. By the way, we have an unfinished tree because we're still drying out twigs we picked from a tree over the weekend. The twigs will be spray painted with silver and will be covered with silver glitters too. We're making our own Christmas decors.
Smiley Face

Undecided--- Taking Lessons On Photography This Coming Summer

As we all know that I am bound to create a portrait studio. One of my main concerns before doing this is to be able to understand the concepts behind this field and the must-haves on setting up a studio. During the recent International Book Fair held at the SM Convention Center, my dad was able to talk to an old friend (now, a professional photographer). Of course, they talked about the old times. My dad shared with him that I was interested with what he does. So, the prof photographer suggested that I take lessons in a famous school for aspiring photographers in Intramuros Manila ( which I've heard from some friends too). I really wanted to enroll, but I was thinking that it might be expensive. What did you know, its very affordable. It will take sessions on various fields on photography to get certified.

Certified, meaning, you can now "at least" have the right to have your own studio, work for and with a group of professionals. I cannot say as a "professional photographer" because I understand that there are levels to work your way up to become a "true professional".

Nothing can be safer by getting certified first before working on projects. I'm out to make a big investment to equip myself with the proper tools. Proper knowledge should go with it too.

Since I am fully not available this year (with my son going to school) I'm praying that when summer comes, hopefully, my schedule is going to be more flexible. Enrolling in this program is my Dad's recommendation, I want it too. Then he will help me with the rest. It's a very easy thing to finish, especially for a person who really wants to learn. It's the availability of time that makes it complicated.

Managing Your Space

As paying tenants for 5 1/2 years since we got married, we have studied the process, the loops and holes of having a place rented or lots being sold. It is easier to have a middle-man, let's say a middle- company that specializes on this to do it for you. My parents was able to sell one of our properties just last month. Its a good thing that we know a great real estate company to do it for us.
Real Property Management Midwest has received "Franchise of the Year, Honorable Mention" award. They are the fastest growing property management company in the country. Helps owners rent their places quickly, we collect the rent, inspect the properties 3 times per year to ensure that the tenants are taking care of the property. We cover the cost of any eviction (if necessary). We are the best property management company in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Real Property Management allows you to focus less on managing your properties and more on what you want to do.

For The Past Few Days

13 November 2009

By the time I'm in front of the computer... I stop and play a game instead. Too relaxed? I see updates of my blogmates on Facebook and from my blogger dashboard, I see none under my account.

Let me tell you why...

For the past few days, I have been enjoying something new about my husband. All of a sudden he wants to go to Santis Delicatessen and shop for fresh gourmet ingredients.
He is now taking over the kitchen and he is going Gourmet! He said he will also cook for me on my birthday.

For the past few days, I also went through my closet and discovered that I need new clothes. I am not much of a clothes shopper. Most especially, I'm not a trendy person. "Hanggat kasya pa sa akin, susuotin ko." As long as my clothes still fits me, I'm fine.
As what I told Kikamz on Facebook, its either I lose weight or I buy new clothes. I'll do both. Looking for my size is easy anyway.

For the past few days, I have been busy planning for my birthday. It will fall on a Wednesday. So I don't really know how I will go about it. I will probably invite 3 of my best friends to join me on my special day.
I will not ask much this year. If I could only write my year- ender entry today. There's a lot to be thankful for in 2009. Reaching my 31st year happy and being grateful is enough. So much opportunities were given.

For the past few days, I have been hand washing our clothes.
Our washing machine is not in the mood this week. The service people will fix it on Tuesday.
For the past few days, I have been craving for green mango with bagoong (shrimp paste).
Now, I am indulging myself with some. I am not pregnant by the way.

During the past few days, I also found out:
That I have a Kenneth Cole Reaction bag and a cute pink Clinique tote.
Both hidden somewhere in my closet. Definitely given by a family from America.

The past few days, was just fulfilling. The Mom, the wife and the person in me. Being able to accomplish something as little as tasting your favorite food is a total big deal. I don't need a special highlight to say my week was very productive.

New and old things and some thoughts were introduced in a span of one week and I am very happy for it.

Have A Fun Weekend Everyone!

Stitches Made Out of Love

10 November 2009

I opened the gate for the guy who delivered these. It was overwhelming to see a work of art straight from the heart. My mother is a stay at home like me. Since the hobby of cross stitching began, I knew that this will be my mom's ultimate past time. She gave me and my husband a big frame containing one of her firsts, as wedding gift.
With all the available time she has, she had her and my dad's picture scanned and made into cross stitch patterns. This picture of my mom was taken before she enrolled in Abs-Cbn for an acting workshop. Hair and Make-up by Bhoy Navarette. This picture brought her to experience the world of acting. She did some commercials too.
This picture of my Dad is my mom's favorite. It reminded her of my Dad when he was still courting her. The sweet, candid smile... It is indeed one of my Dads perfect smiles.
Next in her pattern list is the picture of the whole family. She is also planning to make individual cross stitch of us (her children), for their new house. I can't wait for that!

The Giant Christmas Tree Is Up!

09 November 2009

The gorgeous Giant Christmas Tree of Cubao is up! This tree has been with us since we were kids. I used to remember that my parents would always bring us to Cubao to see this Giant Christmas Tree then watch C.O.D's yearly Christmas Display (which is now shown in Greenhills).
Thoughts the night of November 8, 2009:

*It's just recently I got exposed to the true beauty of Cubao... I am very grateful that we are residing in one of the most balanced community in Metro Manila. It will truly break my heart if I say goodbye to this memorable place. My husband grew up here and now our son.
*Walking the streets of Cubao is relaxing. Believe me. It is the most laid- back city I have ever known. Quezon, City to be specific. We know if the person is from around, simply because he/she is wearing her/ his "pambahay". The nice part... we're one of them, and we don't really mind.
Life as simple as drinking your favorite drink while looking at the highlight for this season and having a fun, relaxing night with the family... is worth saying--- I lived!. I will go back again to visit Cubao later! See ya!

Share your Pixel-full weekend with us @


06 November 2009

I hoped and I prayed that this will never happen. But it did. Sad to say, this ruined everything I planned for the coming Holiday season.

Dear bloggers, we shouldn't allow such culprit to bring imbalance in the blogosphere. We all know that blog advertising has been there to add support and reason to why we are blogging. These advertisers know how powerful blogging is in the world wide web. I do appreciate the fairness other advertisers show in order to keep a professional relationship online. But not all. Just recently, I fell victim to one of the most talked about scam in 2009. I gave them a chance since I haven't reached the $100 quota yet. I was warned, but I continued trusting that it will not happen to me.

sweet nothings
To the Advertisers involve. You are pouring money to this cheater. We bloggers aren't treated right. Why can't this middle-company join the game (to which I think, that's how they view it) with a fair play.
sweet nothings

sweet nothings
NO Payment received from the Blogadvertisingstore from Oct. 7- Nov. 6, 2009

Payment due Nov.1, 2009

They say: " You will be paid directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month and there are even opportunities to get bonuses. Please be advised that we have a $100 threshold. We are forced to apply this threshold because in the last 6 (six) months we had to refund advertisers because bloggers nofollow-ed links, deleted sponsored posts or just because they deleted the entire blog. Once you accept to write an opportunity, you agree with these terms of payment."

All this crap about the payment may all be because they don't pay on time or they don't really pay at all. It is the right of the blogger to delete whatever task that has been written, simply because he or she didn't get paid for it. As to what both parties agreed on in the first place.

I trusted this policy, I followed and abided with all rules of the game.

It's easy to remove all tasks.
Really. It's just a click away.

It's the effort and time poured over it that matters to me.
A mere $100 can go along way. Especially for a stay at home mom like me. I can add that up to our savings, I can treat my family, I can donate it to church.

It's obvious that these simple things are not appreciated by the BLOGADVERTISINGSTORE.

Please do shed light on this if you got paid. I will really appreciate it if you will also include the process of your payment.


What Is It About Sunsets?

01 November 2009

Family Adventure 2009 Part 2--- Nasugbu Batangas!
First of all, what is it about sunsets?
We have been blessed with beautiful sunsets every now and then. The sun setting is our only chance to be able to appreciate how close we could ever see the big star with the naked eye.
Our trip this year made a big effect to our bodies and minds.

My shoutout: Rejuvenated!

My first jump shot ever. It was perfect to just let go, even there was no reason what to let go of. Being carefree, selfless and at peace with nature... unexplainable.

As we were nearing night fall, instead of checking-in a hotel in Tagaytay, we thought that the beach would be nicer. Anyway, Lian and Nasugbu is just less than an hour away.

We chose Matabungkay as our next destination. Another road trip started. We went to Lian Batangas first to check on beaches that will fit our budget. Matangbungkay was swimming with trash from the recent typhoons. It was really sad to see the beach that way. And to add, the process of cleaning, nah-ah--- bad. They were piling up the trash then they burn it. Talk about taking care of our planet, saving it from further destruction.

The highlight of our family adventure ended in Nasugbu Batangas. Trash and trunks of trees and branches were also seen in the shores of Nasugbu, but not as bad as Matabungkays. Most parts of the beach was already clean.
Anyway, we had a good time. We were able to rent an air-conditioned room for 1000 bucks, bought liempo, bbq and pork binagoongan near the town proper.

The beach is just 5 mins. away from the town proper. How good is that! They have Jollibee if you wanna go fast food. Another fun activity we had was horse back-riding by the beach. We are very happy that Franky enjoyed his first horse ride.

Nothing beats a horse ride by the ocean. Cool wind, sun rising, great view!

Horse ride @ 50 bucks for each horse. We wanted to go on a boat ride too. But we thought of maximizing our vacation at Enchanted Kingdom, so we left before lunch.