Managing Your Space

16 November 2009

As paying tenants for 5 1/2 years since we got married, we have studied the process, the loops and holes of having a place rented or lots being sold. It is easier to have a middle-man, let's say a middle- company that specializes on this to do it for you. My parents was able to sell one of our properties just last month. Its a good thing that we know a great real estate company to do it for us.
Real Property Management Midwest has received "Franchise of the Year, Honorable Mention" award. They are the fastest growing property management company in the country. Helps owners rent their places quickly, we collect the rent, inspect the properties 3 times per year to ensure that the tenants are taking care of the property. We cover the cost of any eviction (if necessary). We are the best property management company in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Real Property Management allows you to focus less on managing your properties and more on what you want to do.

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