Streaks Of Silver and Blue

16 November 2009

Early today, my husband played a bit with my camera.
sweet nothings
Streaks of Silver and Blue from our unfinished Christmas Tree.
sweet nothings
I wasn't really in the mood because I don't look presentable and had to pick up my son from school. But it was cool. I like it.
sweet nothings

Actually I tried some shots of my own after. I like the candy cane effect. By the way, we have an unfinished tree because we're still drying out twigs we picked from a tree over the weekend. The twigs will be spray painted with silver and will be covered with silver glitters too. We're making our own Christmas decors.
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joy said...

cute naman, your making your own christmas decor. kami wala pang decor sa bahay, nag-iisip pa ako kung anong theme namin eh. hehehe.

Chris said...

ang galing ng effect! :D

Whiney Momma said...

Wow, those are really neat! It reminds me of the show Heroes, how the deaf woman can see colors... cool!

Jes said...

ang gand anmnng effect enchie =)
nga pla jst wanna ask panu mo na widraw money mo sa paypal? kapag ba me 100 ka na saka plng ma wi widraw? so need ko p apply NEON card ba yun? eheheh turuan mo nmn ako gutso ko try na perahin ang paypal ko ehehhe since tinatamad ako mag artscow eheheh =) ty